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  • The Factors to Consider When Changing Majors

    Spring 2023 marked the beginning of my journey as a student at Farmingdale State College, and I have already changed my major twice. It is safe to say that I am pleased with my decision. A change of a major is a very common occurrence among college students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 80% of college students in the US change majors at least once. So if you are planning to change your major, you are not alone. Here are a few steps that you should consider if you are planning to change your major:

    • The foremost thing you must determine is what academic discipline you are most drawn toward because you cannot enjoy studying something you do not love. A student needs to dedicate time and contemplate what truly matters to them in terms of education and career. You might need to take into account what makes you feel most like yourself while doing it.

    • After that, you should apply the characteristics of the majors to your self-interest and evaluate which majors stand out. Some factors to consider include prestige, employment, and the rate of growth of a potential career, as well as your objectives, skills, and lifestyle expectations. What is most valuable to each individual is highly subjective. You can look up courses that interest you at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/

    • Eventually, based on your motives and desired attributes, you must pick the major that stands out among all parameters. You can add a minor or do a double major if you intend to pursue more than one subject of interest.

    Another significant question is, “Why do students switch majors?” Numerous factors could be at play. Students are in a transitional stage of their lives and are in the process of identifying their goals. The majority of them are still uncertain about the type of career they want to pursue in life. The reasons why students change their majors may vary. I questioned 25 students around the campus about the reason they changed their majors, and the most popular responses were:

    • Change of Passion: The majority of students choose their majors based on their high school interests, but as they mature and gain in-depth knowledge of those subjects, they grow bored with them. They discover new passions as they go along in life.

    • Career Aspects: Students often change their major based on the career opportunities, income potential, or satisfaction it offers. They frequently do not see themselves advancing or relishing the career resulting from a certain major.

    • Influenced by family or friends: For some students, family and friends’ opinions have a big impact on their major choices. They try to pursue the same major as their friends, or they switch majors if their family advises them to.

    Here is a pie chart that shows the statistical breakdown of the students’ responses

    What is the reason college students change their major?

    Farmingdale State College has many resources and services available to its students, such as the Nexus Center (nexuscenter@farmingdale.edu) and  CareerConnect to facilitate them in unraveling their life path, exploring their interests, choosing a career, and finding an internship. Furthermore, the Academic Advisement & Information Center (advisement@farmingdale.edu) assists students in the Change of Major process. In addition, there are highly professional and qualified academic advisors in each department to provide students with information regarding the Academic Programs offered by FSC as well as guidance. 



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