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  • “Lost in Unison” by Abbey-Rose Salvemini

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    There is a very strong stigma amongst teenagers that we are young and dumb so much so that pop singer Khalid, released a song called “Young Dumb & Broke.”  The song bursted with popularity and I can certainly attest to the lyrics being true.  Although we teenagers would love to be autonomous individuals, we are still living under the rules of our parents.  Due to this longing for independence, we can evidently become refractory children resisting the wishes of our parents.  

    For some of us, like myself, we are literally living underneath the same roof as our parents.  This is where the infamous universal precedent comes in used by almost every parent at least once in their time: “My House, My Rules.”  The level of frustration in a teenager’s mind could be almost unheard of whenever hearing those dreaded words.  Most times, an extremely immature response comes out of our mouths that immediately gets shut down.  In my personal experience, I have heard that statement what seems like a myriad of times, and I still don’t have an effective response yet.  At that point, they win because there is unfortunately no way to challenge the universal rule and if you do, you’re wrong.  It becomes a protracted conversation so you might as well save yourself the frustration and let them win.  After all, it is only just a super annoying way of attempting to keep us out of trouble.  

    Parents are hopeful that we avoid trouble whenever they cannot be there to direct us.  It seems like my parents are constantly nettling me about the same things before I step out of the house.  The number one thing I hear is to drive slow, and tied for second would be to be careful, along with to not do anything stupid.  

    We are at a time in our lives where we are old enough to vote for president, enlist in the army, marry the love of our lives, but not old enough to consume alcohol.  Now, how does that make any sense?  No wonder why teenagers are left in a quandary over their purpose in life.  This observation will forever remain an enigma to me.  Being at the ripe age of eighteen there is so much hype over finally becoming an adult.  For me, I simply do not see the excitement over being crowned with adulthood.  In my mind, I am entirely a child who was just forced to make life changing decisions like where to attend college and what career path to pursue.  

    The days of malingering our way out of school for the day are now over.  No more annoying front desk ladies calling the house checking in to see why you are absent and no more work sent home with friends.  It is the little things that you do not realize that were an experience amongst almost everyone.  Now, as classmates grow up and further branch out into their own path they may or not still carry out those same childish acts.  Except this time around, with being ‘adults’ we are able to make our own decisions and face our own consequences without that front desk lady calling your house wondering where you are that day.  Now to really scare you, those pretend sick days could now cost you the emoluments of your profession.  The list goes on and on, but can we all agree on one thing?  Let’s just stay kids forever.


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