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  • Let Your Voices Be Heard for SGA’s Upcoming Elections!

    2020 04 04 13.12.43

    Farmingdale State College’s Student Government Association will soon be having their elections and they need your help to sign the petitions for each candidate!

    These are the candidates:

    Emely Arizaga-Molina

    SGA Candidate for Senator for the School of Arts & Sciences

    Emely’s Statement:

    As a freshman, being part of SGA, it has given me a voice as a student. This organization has given students the chance to speak out on any concerns that we want changed. If re-elected as a Senator, I will advocate for all the students in Farmingdale regarding destigmatizing mental health, a more sustainable campus, and overall a more connected and united campus. Personally, I really want the disconnect that the students are facing to be solved. I know through experience that it can be difficult to feel like you belong and to feel involved. But this is why I want to focus on this issue that I feel like many students have experienced. If you vote for me, I will make sure that all the concerns from students are heard and that changes are made.

    You can sign Emely’s petition here:



    Justina Figueroa

    SGA Candidate for Senator for the School of Health Sciences

    Justina’s Statement:

    Joining SGA as a freshman has allowed to me be a part of such a remarkable organization that is really making a difference for our campus. If re-elected as a Senator of Health Sciences, I aim to advocate for our Low-Income Students, Freshmen, and the disconnect our campus has been suffering from during the pandemic. I would continue to address concerns or promote campus clubs and resources. I also would love to open the floor to more discussion regarding mental health and the struggle of being a student today. Voting for me would mean voting for an advocate and an ally for the entirety of Farmingdale’s Student body.

    You can sign Justina’s petition here:



    Jake Iaccino

    SGA Candidate for Senator for the Student Body at Large

    Jake’s Statement:

    What Farmingdale needs is a leader. An individual who will encourage others to lead, not follow. I feel worthy of your vote because dedication, open mindedness, and integrity defines me as an individual. Students should know that those who represent them bring those characteristics to the table. I would like to help make Farmingdale a place of greatness for all, encourage the formation of more clubs, establish programs to help students manage finances, encourage environmentally friendly behavior, and give students the opportunity to air their grievances with their student government. Therefore, I believe holding regular meetings to encourage a more transparent leading body will only help our college grow.  It is my hope that you share these ideas and thoughts with me as well and consider voting for genuine leadership.

    You can sign Jake’s petition here:



    Antonio Pepe

    SGA Candidate for Secretary

    Antonio’s Statement:

    Throughout my academic career at Farmingdale State College, I have noticed several issues that have not been addressed and fixed. Students have constantly complained about these issues and it is as though they are not being listened to. Some of the issues that are evident on campus are the Wi-Fi, parking, campus food, commuter involvement, dorm life, school spirit, and overall student life. By being able to become secretary for student government, I could be able to help
    advocate on behalf of the students to improve the student life on campus.

    Serving on the E-board for two years has given me the opportunity and the experience to aid the student body. On the E-board, I served at the Treasurer where I overlooked a 2 million dollar budget and appropriately allocated funds to some of the most amazing events the campus has to offer including RamChella, comedy nights, Oktoberfest, etc. I have also participated in the funding of different programs and training to better represent several communities of minorities of Farmingdale State College. Having the opportunity to serve on the E-Board for another year would be an honor. With your help, this school can be so much more than it is, but it won’t be if we don’t do something about it. So help me, so I can help you, and let’s fix it. Thank you so much for your time.

    You can sign Antonio’s petition here:



    Carmine Attanasio

    SGA Candidate for Senator for the School of Engineering Technology

    Carmine’s Statement:

    My name is Carmine Attanasio, I am currently a senator and speaker of the house for student government. Being part of student government has made it possible to advocate for what is in the best interest of the student body. With the move to remote learning and now hopefully back to in person, I hope I can stay as a representative for my fellow students to continue to help advocate and help make changes in the best interest for them. I hope you vote for me so I can stay on student government and continue to help bring changes to the college and advocate for students.

    You can sign Carmine’s petition here:



    Moyosore Onasoga

    SGA Candidate for Senator for the School of Arts & Sciences

    Moyosore’s Statement:

    My name is Moyosore Onasoga, I am currently in the junior year of my Bioscience major. When I joined Farmingdale in the Spring of 2020, I, like most transfer students, just took classes and went home. I knew there was more I could do on campus but I just did not how to even begin.

    A lot of things happened in 2020 and we all had to take classes from home. Now, I’m sure we all have stories to tell and lessons that we’ve learned from this. The Black Lives Matter Movement was one of many things that hit close to home for me, It is still an eye opener and a wake up call to the very much needed change we are yet to attain as a community. This world is not perfect. However, we can get close to perfection if we all be the change we desire and start from within, as we all have a part to play for this to work. This realization has influenced my need to get involved and in my decision to run for the senate position in the student government. 

    I believe it is the right time for me to run for the student government senate position because I am confident in my ability to be a voice for students. I, more than anyone, know what it’s like to not fit in, and it is this difference that makes me unique. Also having spent the last year volunteering on the frontline as an EMT has been indeed an humbling experience, and it has taught me how to have courage even when all hope seems lost.

    In the future my goals would be to become an amplifier for the voice of students, tackling on issues that affect us as students and working together in coming up with resolutions that will help us all have a better experience at Farmingdale State College. Thank you all.

    You can sign Moyosore’s petition here:



    Alex Levitt

    SGA Candidate for Senator for the Student Body at Large

    Alex’s Statement:

    Some of the issues I want to address while serving in a position of student government are expanding mental health services and support groups. There are many resources for students to help cope with difficulties mentally and personally during their time at Farmingdale. I do feel that there could be more. Whether focusing on depression or drug and alcohol addiction. I would also like to make it clearer for students to know what courses they can take that are graded based on pass or fail and I would like to extend the deadline to drop classes.

    I think students should vote for me because I look forward and I am invested in advocating for them. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed as a freshman, or even upper classman. When so many things are presented it’s hard to find what would be most helpful to you. I’m a hard worker and don’t believe I am finished with something unless I gave it my all and reviewed it thoroughly. I look forward to serving and advocating for the student population.

    You can sign Alex’s petition here:




    The deadline to sign each petition to get the candidates on the ballot is tomorrow, April 13th, at 11:59pm. Sign into Ram Central with your FSC email when you go to the links and click where it says “RSVP” to place your signature!




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