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  • FSC’s Plans for Fall 2021


    FSC’s Plans for Fall 2021

    What’s going on?

    Last Friday, President Nader sent a message regarding Farmingdale State College’s plans for the Fall 2021 semester.

    This was the message:

    Farmingdale State College regularly receives questions about its plans for the Fall 2021 term. We are pleased to report that FSC anticipates that at least three-quarters of its courses will have a face-to-face component in Fall 2021. This will permit nearly all of our students to have a substantial on-campus academic experience in classes and labs. The College will do this while meeting or exceeding SUNY and NYS public health requirements. Farmingdale also expects to significantly increase its residence hall occupancy with priority given to students who live 50 miles from campus, or are enrolled in specific academic programs that are delivered largely or exclusively on campus. Our current plan is to accommodate approximately 400 residential students in the Fall term. The College reserves the right to withdraw offers for housing based on the need to respond to COVID healthcare protocols.

    To date, Farmingdale has had one of SUNY’s most successful plans for addressing the COVID emergency. We are confident in our capacity to safely return to a high level of on-campus instruction in the Fall, complete with health and safety protocols.

    John Nader



    What does this mean?

    This means that there is hope for the future! Going through the past three semesters with remote learning has been a challenge but the resilient and courageous students of FSC always rise to the occasion!

    If all goes well from now until the Fall, then more classes will be held on campus and students, staff, and faculty can return to a sense of normalcy.


    Be sure to check your emails regularly for updates and messages. Also, check out The Hub to see FSC’s plans and guidelines for keeping everyone safe during this time:




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