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  • “Every Man for Himself” by Gregory D. Francis Jr.

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    “Every Man for Himself”

    Mauna Loa raged with all her might, 

    like a fierce thunderstorm, she was coming to fight. 

    The island erupted in mayhem, 

    brother and I clenched Mother like a flock o’ birds to their wire. 


    Hilo was burdened with ash; 

    A black blizzard swept through, tarnishing everything in its path. 

    Soot-ridden street lights swung like dying church candles, 

    as the island’s prayers went unanswered.


    Tick tock… Tick tock


    Lava slunk through the village like Eden’s serpent, 

    each second a step closer to the ruination of Hilo. 

    Dissonant sirens sang in the distance, 

    but the Hilo Fire Company was nowhere to be found. 


    Every man for himself, just as Father once said. 

    And Father was right, because where was Father now?



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