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  • How To Keep Your Classmates Safe During On-Campus Classes

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    Keeping Classmates Safe on Campus

    Written by Kaitlyn Hand

    We are well into the semester now and Farmingdale has fortunately been able to open for certain in person classes. Most people are still online for the majority of their classes. It is disappointing to be home again this semester and to miss out on seeing our friends and engaging in the typical college experience. Unfortunately this has to be done at the moment. Schools opening up have led a lot of people to believe we should all return to our classrooms and offices. The problem is, it is not safe right now and here is why.

    Farmingdale has had one positive covid-19 result according to The State University of NY Covid Tracker. While we are a far cry away from 100 positive tests that would unfortunately end any in-person learning, we saw back in March how easily the virus can spread. SUNY Oneonta was shut down after one week of being back on campus. Right now is not the time to pretend we are exempt from this virus and to think it will not affect us. Herd immunity is not going to help us until a vaccine is released as you can see here, “And until there is an effective vaccine in widespread use, levels of immunity will never be high enough to achieve what’s called herd immunity, these researchers say. That’s the tipping point at which the disease begins to burn itself out because so many people are immune that it can’t continue to spread” (Brumfiel, Geoff).

    The media will continue to feed us thoughts about the virus just going away or magically disappearing. You can read above what the scientists say about herd immunity and how they do not believe this virus will go away without a vaccine. Additionally, this vaccine is only effective if used by the majority of the population! If you are somebody who wants to go back to class and hangout with your friends again, please wear a mask!

    Do you want to go back to travelling and going to parties with more than 10 people? The majority of my friends are not happy about attending school online. I wish I could be on campus but I can accept the current state of affairs our whole country is in. To allow any of your classmates the opportunity to attend class on campus, please wear a mask, social distance and listen to the scientists. Not only your life, but your ability to attend class in person depend on your actions.


    Brumfiel, Geoff, “Without A Vaccine, Researchers Say Herd Immunity May Never Be Achieved”, NPR.ORG https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/07/24/894148860/without-a-vaccine-researchers-say-herd-immunity-may-never-be-achieved



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