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  • NAACP Chapter Elevates and Educates FSC with The Black Experience!

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    The Black Experience: Resources for FSC (NAACP Chapter, Fall 2020)

    Written by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

    The NAACP Chapter has made history once again with the debut of its new permanent display, The Black Experience: Resources for Farmingdale State College, at Greenley Library! This display features many educational resources that will inform the FSC community on significant moments in Black history, specific issues in today’s society, and reasons why they should take action and advocate for social justice. NAACP Chapter President, Darrien Hunt, is very proud of this creation and he hopes that everyone will take the time to visit the display to gain more knowledge to become part of the experience.

    Check out the mission statement for this incredible project:

    On June 11, 2020, the Farmingdale State College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council created space for the NAACP Chapter to host a virtual Town Hall. Students, Faculty, Staff as well as Administrators were present at this virtual meeting. This was a space for Farmingdale Students to address racism and discuss their personal experiences at FSC. This Town Hall was not just a space to speak up about concerns, but a space to offer solutions. The NAACP Chapter at FSC came prepared with resolutions that need to be put in place to help create an environment that will work towards ending systemic racism and creating a safe space for Black Students on campus. One of the resolutions that passed was the creation of a Black Resource Center for the FSC community.

    This proposed resolution was approved in June 2020. NAACP Chapter President Darrien Hunt worked with Librarian Fatoma Rad to create a permanent display of resources in The Thomas D. Greenley Library, The Black Experience: Resources for Farmingdale State College. The goal of this display is to provide resources for Students, as well as the greater FSC community, that will aid them in advocacy for social justice, resources for Black history as well as modern day issues.  Additionally, we want to celebrate our students here at FSC, and this area will also display various work and contributions of FSC students. This display will change periodically, but these resources can be easily identified in our collection as they will be labelled with a red sticker on the call number. If you have any questions or need help locating titles, please go to the Reference Desk or contact Fatoma Rad.

    The Library would like to acknowledge and thank the individuals who have played a part in creating The Black Experience: Resources for Farmingdale State College

    Darrien Hunt, FSC 2021, NAACP Chapter President at FSC

    Dr. Angela Jones, Sociology 

    Prof. Fatoma Rad, Library

    Prof. Karen Gelles, Director of the Thomas D. Greenley Library

    Artwork created by Stephen Garafola, FSC 2021.

    We are so proud to see the progress that the NAACP Chapter is making and we wish them a lot of success with this project, as well as their future creations. Whenever you get the chance, please be sure to stop by Greenley Library and witness history.

    Also, remember to follow the chapter on Instagram and check out this post about the display:





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