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  • Chapter Four: Education

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    Chapter Four: Education

    Written by Adina Shahzad

    If you got it, act like you did. Being educated holds no value unless you act knowledgeable. After all, no one appreciates a racist doctor or a selfish and biased lawyer. My parents told me that I can turn my knowledge into my power. For education helps us with life, but only if we know how to utilize our education. In this life, we will all remain as students and never become masters until we experience our failures. We can’t change everything but we can use our knowledge to make some changes.

    Malala Yousafzai said, “With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.” I definitely agree with her. However, I feel like the more we educate ourselves, the less educated we actually act. We need to learn how to use our education in the correct ways. Many use it as a means to get away with wrongdoings, but that isn’t the purpose of it. In order to make our peers more educated, we first need to make education accessible to all.

    Education is a gift and we often times take privilege of it because we’ve been so spoiled and we just take it for granted at this point. However, there’s actually people out there who are dying to learn because they want to become revolutionary, but they can’t get it. I know people who want education to become a means of change. They want to try and make the world a better place. Education is mandatory for those types of people. The ones who don’t have education are the ones who truly desert it and they know how to cherish its importance.

    We need to come together and provide education for those people, whether they’re kids or adults. When we are young, our parents put us in school. Many of us have experienced all of this already. I remember waking up early and watching my mom get my things ready. She would pack my lunch and then make me breakfast. She would drop me off and pick me up everyday. She got me involved in afterschool activities and sports. My parents provided me with the worldly education and also a religious education. They supported me and still do.

    However, I feel like I never took advantage of the education they provided me with. I should feel privileged because knowledge is such an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets. Your education can become whatever you want to make it. This is why we should seize the opportunity before it’s gone. In addition, always make sure to spread your knowledge because it may benefit another.

    This piece is from the fourth chapter of the book. “Realities of the 21st Century: Save The Soul”, that was written by Adina Shahzad. If you would like to order the book, use this link: 




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