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  • “City Girl” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

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    “City Girl” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls (Image by Grae Dickason from Pixabay)

    She was told to be aware of the challenges that would come when facing the real world.

    She heard the stories, studied the material, and then took off with hopes and dreams of becoming somebody to remember.

    After years of sacrifice and several memories filled with regret, she finally had her moment.

    Life presented her with pain and caused her to have plenty of self doubt, but she refused to give in to the pressure.

    She now stands in the center of a city where crowds of people struggle to make ends meet.

    She goes back every year to remember how her life used to be.

    Before the money. Before the fame. Before the legendary moment.

    She was just like them, and in her heart she always will be.


    Here is a message from The Dale News Team:

    “In order to reach the special moments in life when you experience your greatest achievement, you need to lose all that you hoped for to start fighting for your dream. The pain from this loss is very heavy and it leaves a burden on your heart, but you must remember that pushing through adversity will make you stronger in the end. We all start our journey to success at different points and the goals we set out for ourselves are not always the same. The one goal that is the same for all of us is to be happy where we end up, and to not regret giving everything to become who we wanted to be.

    This world is big enough to hold us and we have the power to make our dreams come true no matter how insane our ideas may seem. They say ‘the sky is the limit’ but we can go much higher than the sky!

    Keep fighting for your dream. Don’t give up on reaching the end of your journey. Believe that you can become all you want to be.”

    — The Dale News Team




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