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  • Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs Overview and Predictions


    Super Bowl LIV Predictions, written by Zachary Knecht (Photo: Associated Press and Getty Images)

    The stage is set for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to face off in Super Bowl 54 in Miami. Can the stout 49ers finish off this extraordinary season? Can the red-hot Chiefs continue to make magic happen?

    Not only do these storied franchises have a fruitful history in the NFL, but this will be the first red vs. red Super Bowl in its history. This will also be the first Super Bowl without Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in what feels like half of a century.

    With the Chiefs backed by an improving defense and the hot hand of quarterback Patrick
    Mahomes, and the 49ers backed by their inescapable defensive front and plethora of offensive weapons, this has the potential to be an instant classic, and I think it will.

    Let’s take a look at some predictions for the 2020 Super Bowl showdown.

    The 49ers will enter halftime with at least a double-digit lead

    Starting off fast is one of the most important things a teams can do in the NFL, especially under the bright lights. The Niners will do exactly that in this game, keeping the Chiefs explosive offense off the field and taking advantage of opportunities sent their way. This team was built for this moment, having the second best rushing defense in the regular season, only behind the record-breaking Ravens team, and averaging over 200 rushing yards per game in the postseason. Their defense, led by rookie Nick Bosa, can also go after the quarterback, which will be key against a freak of nature like Patrick Mahomes.

    The 49ers will sack Mahomes at least four times

    As mentioned earlier, the Niners defensive front is inescapable. They have their work cut out for them against this Chiefs team who has only allowed three sacks this entire postseason. That changes on Sunday. The 49ers will live in the back field for a good portion of this game, accounting for at least four sacks on the former MVP winner.

    Mahomes will account for four touchdowns

    I did say that the Niners would take a double-digit lead at halftime in this game, but that’s no challenge for this Chiefs team. They fell down 24-0 to the Houston Texans and they brushed it off like it was a piece of lint on their shoulder. With someone like Patrick Mahomes leading your offense, no deficit is out of reach.

    The second half will be all Chiefs as they erase the deficit and pull out in front.

    There will be at least one missed field goal

    This one doesn’t seem very much like a great prediction in what is likely to be a great game, I get it. Kickers miss field goals sometimes. But I’m not talking about any field goal here. I believe that 49ers kicker, Robbie Gould, will miss the game-winning field goal as time expires, clinching the Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Score Prediction

    Chiefs 28 – 49ers 27

    Super Bowl MVP

    Patrick Mahomes


    The Chiefs exorcise the demons of last season as Mahomes redeems what could have been, also obliterating the Madden curse in the process. Coach Andy Reid adds to his legacy with his first Super Bowl win as a head coach.

    The Niners fall short of a Super Bowl win, but will go on to be a powerhouse in the NFC. They
    are a young team with a young head coach and a lot of pieces to build with. This won’t be the last time we see them in the Super Bowl in the next few years.



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