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  • An Ode to Kobe Bryant

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    An Ode to Kobe Bryant

    For those who lived with a passion and never gave up.
    For those who believed that who they were inside was always enough.

    For those who had a smile that could lift up everyone’s spirit.
    For those whose positive actions made the most noise when the enemies didn’t want to hear it.

    We say thanks for never losing sight of your light.
    We say thanks for giving us all the courage to fight.

    Today we say goodbye, but for us this is not the end.
    Your legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of everyone you knew because to them you were more than a friend.

    Here is a message from The Dale News Team:

    “The loss of Kobe Bryant sent shock waves through the world as we were all devastated by the heartbreaking news. The helicopter crash also resulted in the loss of Bryant’s daughter, along with the other passengers. After hearing about this tragic event, everyone around the world has taken the time to realize that life is precious and that we should always be grateful for the time we have. People always say that life is short and when something like this happens you start to believe that the statement is true. From everyone at The Dale News, we would like to send our condolences to Bryant’s family. We know that his death is a big loss, but we are confident in saying that his legacy will live on forever.” — The Dale News Team





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