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  • Thank You, from Everyone at The Dale News

    Message to our viewers

    Hello Dale News Fans! Thank you for taking a look at this article and being loyal to the current rise of the site during this amazing year of 2019. Today is the day when we would like to say thanks to everyone that has contributed to The Dale News since its debut in October 2017. A lot has happened since then and now that we are on the rise we must not forget all who have come before us. We must also remember to be grateful for everyone that is helping the product grow now because through our eyes here at The Dale News we see that the future is bright!

    We would like to first give thanks to:

    Dr. Noel H. Brathwaite – She had the idea and the dream to make The Dale News a huge success. We are on our way there and it is our mission to make her dream come true!

    Nicholas A. Raia – He is the programmer and web developer who created The Dale News. We are so happy to have him on our team and we are grateful for all he has done!

    Christina Italiano – She was the co-founder and editor for The Dale News

    Jessica Rubio – She was the co-founder and editor for The Dale News

    Tom Dascole – He was the assistant editor for The Dale News

    Isaiah Hilman-Smalls – He is the lead editor for The Dale News and is responsible for the current rise of the website. We are proud to have him on our team!

    We would like to also give thanks to all the editors who have contributed to The Dale News in the past:

    Vincenzo Murano – “Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Reboot Doesn’t Disappoint”

    Ciara Rodriguez – “Lobo Comic Review”

    Antonio Petito – “Fantasy Football Weeks 3 and 4” & “Fantasy Football Weeks 8 and 9”

    Taylor DiCuozzo – “A Complete 180: A Review of Harry Style’s Debut Album”

    Amelia Pakarati – “The Breadwinner, A Story that Comes from the Heart”

    Laurie Rozakis – “Gas Station Camels and Shawarma from the Sky” & “From Coffee to Cartagena, Colombia has it All”

    Khadija Ali – “Black Panther Movie Review”

    Michael Scarabino – “PVRIS: All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” Album Review

    Nicole LeGette – “Spike Lee’s ’25th Hour’ Movie Review”

    Jamie Elfassy – “Broad New Horizons”

    Hillary Garcia – “Criminal Justice Mock Trial Event” & “CSI: Farmingdale”

    Tasha Fortin – “Wyandanch Growing Pains: What Matters Most?”

    Carly Kiernan – “Disney Magic Takes Broadway”

    Rebecca Westbrook – “The Haunting of Hill House: Let’s Talk About It”

    Brandon DeFeo – “Halloween – 2018”

    Nia Miller – “Farmingdale Women’s Basketball: New Beginnings”

    We would love to give a big thanks to the loyal fans and newest members of The Dale News Team! Here is what some members had to say:

    “Isaiah Hilman-Smalls is the only reason this website is enjoyable. He has a way with words that rivals Oscar Wilde’s style.” – Levan Dhanie

    “I’m very impressed with the quality of content being published as of late. Isaiah is doing a great job keeping the Dale News afloat. Keep up the good work.” – Darrien Hunt

    “The current editorial team is doing an impeccable job keeping visitors up to date, and I am excited to see The Dale News continue to grow in the foreseeable future.” – Gregory Francis

    “The Dale News is quickly becoming the preeminent source for all campus and off-campus news and for everything in between. The site looks vibrant and it’s full of articles sure to entice even the most critical of news followers. Isaiah has done quite the fantastic job transforming this site into something special and I am also quite happy to be part of the transition!” – Matthew Martorana

    “I have really enjoyed the articles on this website especially the articles written by Isaiah.” – Anahi Joya

    Once again from everyone at The Dale News,

    Thank You.