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  • Motivation #3: Be Grateful

    So Grateful for So Much.

    To be grateful means to have a deep appreciation for someone, something, or an event. Whatever happened between you and what you are grateful for has changed your life or helped make you a better person. You will always appreciate what was done and will never forget the moment. These moments in life are rare because they give off an amazing feeling that only you can describe.

    Grateful for a person

    People have a way of showing us what really matters that cannot be demonstrated by anything else. We have a wide range of emotions that we express on a daily basis but the most powerful one is happiness. When we are grateful for someone we are happy about what they did for us. Imagine having a really bad day where you left late for school or work, had to wait 30 minutes for the train or bus just to finally hear that the service was cancelled, and then on your way back you fall into a pile of wet snow. Now this day is terrible! How does one recover from an event like this? Well listen, there is a way. People can be the reason that your day ends better than it started. Going back to the event, imagine someone you have never seen before picks you up and asks if you are alright. As you get up you both notice that your bag was open and a notebook fell out. The person picks up the notebook and sees either what you are interested in or what you had planned for school or work. This person knows about the subject and says they can help you get more into it or knows someone else who can help.

    Now you already have nowhere to go so you agree to go with the person to work on the subject. Throughout the day you learn and start to understand more about what you want which leads to you getting inspired. As a result of your inspiration you either have a new dream or more power going into your original dream. Now the day is over and you are back home to tell everyone about it. This could have been a regular day where you went to school or work. It could also have been a day where you just went home to go back to sleep, which is no problem because sleep is good for you! But understand that anyone could have picked you up or you could have just gotten up yourself. This time you experienced a magical moment and you must be grateful because that one person gave you some light on a dark day.

    Grateful for something

    Objects tend to become larger than life when they hold a special value to us. The object could be a piece of jewelry, furniture, clothes, or a picture and they all have a deeper meaning because of how it came to be yours. Imagine someone you cared about, best friend or family member, gave you a necklace or a chain. You said that you would forever cherish it because it represented their memory. Weeks go by and one day you are on your way to that person’s house and you get caught in a snow storm. You have no idea how to get out of the situation and you start to panic. You are looking around to find a solution and you notice the shine of the necklace or chain in the rear view mirror. You start to think about what would happen if that person was in the car with you. Some time goes by, you start to move again, and the storm clears up. When you make it to the person’s house you tell them everything that happened and they are happy to hear it. At this moment you both realize how much you mean to each other. You should be grateful for this moment because we are very lucky to have at least one special person in our lives. So if you have a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, best friend, husband, wife, or someone else be sure to tell them that you appreciate them being in your life.