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  • Motivation #2: Finding Your Family


    Life’s greatest blessing. A group that dreams, laughs, plays and loves together. Those whom you can always count on. Always present not only in the good times. The most precious gift.

    What is Family?

    The word “family” is a term that is used to describe a group of parents, children, and relatives that live together or apart and share a natural bond. This type of family is the one that we are born into and connect with through daily life experiences that can only be seen inside the household. Whether the events of our day went good or bad we can always look forward to coming back home where our family is waiting for us.

    Is This Your Family?

    There is a sense of happiness that is felt when one thinks about their family, but that is not always the case. Some families do not consist two loving parents and the environment may not be as positive as one would hope for. This situation could lead those who are involved to become discouraged and depressed with no idea on how to work towards the future. If this is you then you need to realize that you are not alone. Many families now are functioning with single parents and other families work with relatives raising the child. Sometimes there is no one else in the family to raise the child and the protective rights go over to a legal guardian. If we are faced with a very stressful situation like this it can be hard to live because we do not know what to expect. At this time every moment counts. Every connection, relationship, and thought works towards the future and it is important to know that your natural family is not your only family.

    The Other Family

    When we step outside our home we enter a world that is not fully protected by warnings or lessons that are taught inside the household. We become vulnerable and have to learn as we go. The difficult ways of the world start to feel easier to handle when we have friends to share the experience with. Think about when you were in high school and did not know anyone, or even think about your life during college and how having that one friend made your college experience better. The connection we create with our friends is different than the one with our natural family because of how we met them. You can start out never paying attention to someone and two weeks later that person is your best friend. We create and hold onto these strong bonds because it is unlike any other connection you will have and when you have a group of best friends that you can truly trust then you are set for life. This group of friends becomes your new family or “other” family that you can count on to be with you during the good and bad times. Which ever type of family you have make sure that you are grateful and appreciate all they have given you. Without family it is hard to survive so be thankful for everything you have.