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  • Fantasy Football Weeks 8 and 9

    By Antonio Petito

    Week 8

    With week eight over and done with, here are your top five performers from week eight in the NFL. These fantasy points are based off of DraftKings.

    The highest scorer from week 8 is Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The number one wide receiver went crazy against the Legion of Boom in Seattle. He went for eight receptions for 224 yards and a touchdown. His fantasy stat line was 39.40.

    The second highest scorer from the same game in week eight is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The super bowl champion put up huge numbers against the Houston Texans. Wilson threw for 452 yards, four touchdowns, an interception, and 30 rushing yards. His fantasy stat line was 39.08.

    Coming from the same game the third highest scorer is Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. The rookie quarterback has been terrific all-season long. He threw for 402 yards, four touchdowns, three interceptions, and 67 rushing yards. His fantasy stat line was 38.78.

    The fourth player coming in is highly popular Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers Juju Smith- Schuster. The Steelers wide receiver had a great play in the game against the Detroit Lions defense. He had seven receptions for 197 yards and a touchdown on Sunday Night Football. His fantasy stat line was 35.30.

    The last player out of the top five in week eight is Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle. The Colts tight end has been one of the most consistent tight ends in the last couple of weeks. He put up 12 receptions for 121 yards and a touchdown against a tough Cincinnati Bengals defense. His fantasy stat line for the game was 33.10.

    Week 9

    What a weekend we had in the NFL. There were some great games, but also terrible games that resulted in major blowouts. Here are the top five fantasy performers from week nine.

    The highest scoring leader in fantasy football in week nine was Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton. The Colts wide receiver had a fantastic day against the divisional rival the Houston Texans. He caught five passes for 175 yards and a pair touchdowns. His fantasy stat line was 37.50.

    The second highest scorer of the week was another wide receiver. The Detroit Lions Marvin Jones propelled his team over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Marvin Jones had seven receptions for 107 yards and a touchdown as well. His fantasy stat line of the week was 32.70.

    The third out of the top five was New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara. Not only did Kamara run the ball well, he was also efficient at catching the ball out of the backfield. Kamara crushed the Chicago Bears’ defense by putting 68 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown, six receptions for 84 yards, and a receiving touchdown to cap it all off. His fantasy stat line for the game was 32.20.

    The fourth player coming up next is Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff. The sophomore year quarterback has been terrific all season long. Not only did he have a great game, but he also did it against my favorite team the New York Giants. Jared Goff threw the ball all over the field for 311 passing yards and four touchdowns. His fantasy stats for the game were 31.44.

    The last player out of the top five in week nine was another quarterback. The Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor put up solid numbers just like he’s been doing so far throughout the entire year. Even though the Bills lost the game, Tyrod put up 285 yards, a pair touchdowns, 35 rushing yards, and also a rushing touchdown as well. His fantasy stat line was 27.90.