Study tips!! Do not wait to the last minute to study!!

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Ever take a test and felt like you didn't study? Waiting to the last minute is definitely not the best choice. Studying a lot of information at one time can be consuming. I don't know how many times I’ve tried to study the day before and failed the test the next day. Over time I found that this strategy was not successful. The strategy worked a couple times but for the most part it was not successful. It wasn't until I began to try other study methods that my grades improved drastically. ...


the hustle
Gain the experience to succeed. At the age of 16 I had been working non-stop, and then I got my first internship/job the summer of my junior year of high school, which lead into my first job. I’m now currently 20 and my job experience is quite full. I've had various jobs, some back to back, and working simultaneously. At one point I had four jobs, going to school full-time and still managed to still be sane. All friends would always be impressed, and just ask “How do you do it, Safwan?” I...

On Leadership

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Do you consider yourself to be a leader? All of us have the potential to be great leaders.  However, it takes time and hard work.  Your success is going to depend on how much you want it.  There is a difference between leadership and management.  There is a quote that helps to illustrate a key concept of leadership.  “You manage things, you lead people”– Admiral Grace Hopper.  There is a popular misconception.  Leadership is not just telling people what to do.  Leadership is learning to work...

High School Summers Matter!

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What are your plans for the summer? A common question everyone is inevitably confronted with this time of year. Are you vacationing, traveling, spending time with friends and family? What better way to spend the sunny days! Be cautious to not let the carefree, comfortable summer daze paralyze you in an idle state. High school summers matter-- especially for soon-to-be college freshmen! If you’re college-bound, summer is a golden opportunity to focus on specific tasks and get hands-on experie...

How to Pick the Right One (A College That is)

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Finding the right college may be one of the hardest decisions of your life, or maybe not. Everyone is different; some people have their heart set on a college since sixth grade and may already be prepping cool college gear for years before they even get there. Some people decide where they want to go a week before college decision day. Whenever you decide… just make sure it is not the day before college decision day. I’m not saying that because it is bad to procrastinate (trust me, I am a hu...

Stay Awake but Never Stop Dreaming

Kareem Martin photo man in dream world
Last year I had an epiphany. And coming from a lower working-class single black mother household, those are pretty hard to come by. It was a deeply humid Saturday morning smack dab middle of June when I heard something of a racket downstairs in my family home. This wasn’t the pleasant, rhythmic noise of pots and pans I’d usually hear the day before Thanksgiving, where my mother would ready her dishes. This sound was of desperation and panic. My mother, who remained a collected person up unti...

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a College Internship

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After graduation, employers will be on the lookout for those who stand out academically, and the graduates who demonstrate the skills, responsibility, and experience necessary to fill positions in their company. Internships, which are not always a necessary part of a college education, are great résumé builders, and they provide much of the experience and invaluable knowledge needed prior to starting a career in your field.  However, securing an internship is no easy feat, as there would be ...

Socialize with Friends and Strategize Your Time

March has just rolled around, which means we are almost a fourth of the way done with the year, and halfway done with spring semester. With that comes a lot of stress about midterms, graduation, holidays and all the in-betweens. Take it from a person who is currently juggling a full-time job, full-time classes, and my wedding this month. I can tell you I am stressed! But every day I am making it through, and I can tell you one of the easiest ways I have managed my stress is by socializing wi...

Third time’s the charm

third time....
I graduated high school in 2016. It's now 2019 and I have attended three colleges so far. I have been stacking on student ID’s like they are trading cards at this point, trying to “collect ‘em all” as they say. But the real reason is I was trying to find the perfect institution that better fits my needs. My first semester of college after high school I started at NYIT in the city, a semester later I transferred to CUNY at City Tech. And after three semesters of that I transferred to SUNY,...

Cheap Alternative Cuisines for the Average “Broke College Kid”

Have you ever been in class and your stomach started rumbling? You then proceed to the cafeteria and the lines are too long or you don’t want to pay for the buffet? Then here is list of food places you can visit near the campus! From cheapest deals to more pricey meals! Not to mention food places where you can got food to take to your dorm and prepare, or on-the-go snacks for your next class! To start this list off, we can provide places for the average “broke” college student. Beginning ...