Surviving your first internship

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Last summer I went on my first internship. I was very nervous but very excited. As a Medical Laboratory Tech student I experienced working in the hospital for the first time. I decided to do a practice run to the hospital, and met with the supervisor for the students. This eliminated most of my nerves.  I was able to experience how nice everyone was, and I was able to get right to work the first day. All of the paperwork that I needed to fill out was done before I even started. My internship...

Why you should choose the commuter life!

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Should I dorm or should I commute? This is the question so many college students ask themselves, each and every year while planning for school. If you chose to go to a school relatively close to your house than the option to commute is open and you can really do either of the two, but there are definitely some major benefits to being a commuter. Let me tell you about them. For starters, the first thing everyone will realize is the savings! Given that the alternate to staying at campus is ...


So, you've decided to (or are thinking about deciding to) enter the most hands-on, high-paced, stressful field you can choose. WELCOME! There are not many people with both the intelligence and the personality to be a health care provider, so I applaud you for recognizing that you are both of those things. I also admire the fact that we all have a desire to selflessly give our time and efforts to help those who need it most. There is no other field that provides this sense of satisfaction and I h...

What I Learned From My Work Experience

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In May I had started an internship for a company called Centerplate. I was hired to take on a manager in training roll at their Belmont Racetrack location. I oversaw their restaurants and catered events throughout the whole track. The number of people we served changed from day to day and could be anywhere between 20 people to 5,000 people. Throughout the time working there I learned valuable skills as to how to effectively manage employees and how to take care of the workplace. After wor...


Even just saying the words “Long Island Expressway” made me nervous. Now, I am commuting on it four out of seven days a week. If you rewind to December of 2017, you will see little seventeen-year-old me, having one of her first driving lessons on the infamous L.I.E. That day was life changing for me. It was the first highway I have ever driven and just my luck, one of the busiest highways in New York City. I can remember that my heart beat got faster, and my palms were sweaty and gripping on...

5 Secrets for a Student Success

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Starting college can be rough. In high school, teachers teach you the material to pass the end-of-year state exam; you think your high school friends are going to be your best friends forever; and you do not really think about what happens afterwards until you get there. College is a lot different than high school, but it is so much better. Parents are not around to hassle you to get your homework done or to clean your room; teachers are not constantly reminding you of when your assignments ...

Nap to the Rescue!

Napping has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. If you have younger sibling, preferably in the toddle stages, you know exactly what I am talking about. Our brothers or sisters have been put down to rest to give mommy a much-needed break. But who is to say that this is the only reason why? First things first, taking a nap doesn’t have to be 3 hours long!!! It can be a powernap of 15-20 minutes. Just the simple fact closing your eyes and drifting away is benefic...

Be the Boss of Time

“That’s due today????!!!!!!!!” said every college student at some point in their academic career. Come one lets admit it, life as an adult is harder than we thought. Mom and Dad made it seem so easy but we didn’t pay attention to the details of it all. I realized now that mom and dad had times set up for what they were going to do. Paying the mortgage/rent, car/ insurance and other things were carefully planned out, if not total chaos came about. Everything ran smoothly because they managed ...

Study Methods Based on Your Learning Style

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Studying is a skill that you learn over time. It takes time and sometimes is through trial and error. Each class requires a different study method. For some classes flashcards might be the way to go and for another class you might need to rewrite the notes. The study method to use all depends in the way you learn. I will explain the way I figured out how to study and how I have developed a routine for each class. As a visual learner, I like to study using drawings, diagrams and colors. I ...

Back to School

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Let's face it, when you're 18 and you find yourself on a brand new campus, college is scary! It was no different for me going back for my second bachelor's degree at 28. I left my previous profession and decided to go back for a second undergraduate degree in hopes of applying to a graduate program in the field of medicine. When deciding between potential schools, Farmingdale College was a no-brainer choice because of its smaller class sizes and lower tuition compared to neighboring institutions...