Navigating FSC

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When I was a freshman at Farmingdale State College, I had myriad difficulties figuring out the school’s layout at first. It seemed extremely overwhelming to memorize every building I needed to be in throughout the week, on top of the many other things I was worried about when first arriving at college. However, with the help of numerous directories available throughout campus (and assistance from benevolent staff members), I quickly learned how to navigate the school with ease. By my soph...

Greek Life On Campus

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On the Farmingdale State College campus there are so many ways to get involved. At FSC, there is something for everyone, from The Back Stage Theatre Company to the Gaming club. There are so many ways to get involved. One of the most popular clubs to join is the Greek Life organizations that are on campus. If you think Greek Life is for you, keep reading about how the process works and see if Greek Life is a good fit for you. On the FSC campus, there are three PanHellenic sororities: Sigma...

Bring Your Water Bottle to FSC, Lower Your Carbon Footprint!

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Are you tired of always dishing out cash at a 7-11 for your next hydration fix? Tired of wastefully throwing a perfectly good H2O receptacle in the recycling bin? Then FSC has just the solution you’ve been looking for: brand new water fountains which include an automatic sensor for filling any kind of reusable bottle, or refilling one of your used disposable bottles! Some of the buildings which include these new fountains are Horton Hall, Thompson Hall, Laffin Hall and Gleeson Hall. With our...

Who’s Hungry? Food Choices at FSC

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Most of us are full-time students, thus we need to spend most of our time in school either doing groups projects/meetings, or studying for an upcoming midterm. Sometimes, we may even have to live on campus because our homes are far away. Now I know as a full-time student most of us have lunch breaks or some of us may need to have lunch and dinner around campus. We all know food is important. It does not only help you by giving you nutrients and proteins, but it is also very important because...

Being a Campus Employee

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When I was a new student at FSC, I didn't know much about anything. I didn't know where a “cool” place to hang out was, where the best places to grab a bite to eat were, or even where I could make a few new friends. Instead of thinking about all these things I wanted to find something on campus that I could be a part of. As a new student, it was hard to keep a job off campus because of all the class work I had to accomplish. So, after quitting my off-campus job, I started to think outside th...

Would Taking Courses Online Be Right for You?

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I have been going to school for several years now, and have taken both online as well as classroom courses. Online courses have played a valuable place in my life as a working mother and student.  With all that I am juggling it is not easy, but online education for me has made it possible to continue to pursue my goals. Online courses are part of Farmingdale State College’s Distance Learning program. Today flexiblity and efficiency are both up there on the priority list of almost every ta...

Surviving the Library

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As finals week comes to an end most of us have either spent many long days in the library or felt like we didn't spend enough time there. For some of us we were in the library longer than we were in our own homes. If you did not spend enough time there, no worries. Next semester you can spend more time, and you are going to need some tips. Being prepared is the essential key to being successful. This is why every student needs a guide to how to survive the library. (Insert Twilight Zone musi...

Student Spotlight Jessica Coacci

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As a freshman student at Farmingdale Sate College, Jessica quickly got acclimated to the college lifestyle. When she was picking out her college choice, Farmingdale State College was not one of her first choices. She planned on attending many different universities, such as Stony brook and even the University of Kentucky.  However, after much deliberation and consideration, she decded to come to Farmingdale State College. She stated that the reason she came to Farmingdale was because it had ...

Perks of Using a Planner

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In high school, I didn’t value an agenda as much as I should’ve, like most of us in the past. However, I’ve found that using a planner is actually incredibly helpful and a great way to keep track of your work! I used a planner in the fall and it helped me survive my first semester in college. I truly believe that I would’ve been overwhelmed and missing several assignments if it weren’t for my planner. To test my own theory, I tried to go a week without touching my planner and it was quite...

Accessibility and Advocacy: Effecting Positive Change on Campus

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Farmingdale State College has pride in its strength as an institution. One such strength is that of Farmingdale’s Disability Services Center (DSC). This department’s success is truly due to its phenomenal and dedicated staff. I have reached the opinion that any organization will not be successful unless they seek feedback from those that they hope to serve. I also believe that the most successful organizations are the ones that actively include their target demographic in the decision-making...