Resident Assistant: Is It for You?

As a Resident Assistant at Farmingdale State College, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and time management. Many of them consist of being able to handle school work with your RA duties, hold floor meetings, come up with programing ideas, and being a student leader. New students, transfer students, and even returners look up to you for advice, or just to have company. RA’s help guide students for them to get involved, and have many opportunities to join activities around campus. Before...

How to Get Involved Around Campus

cartoon of people doing activities
Joining your first year in college can be a little scary. There are many emotions you could be feeling, such as being lonely, homesick, depressed, or even tired most of the time. The best way to make new friends while exploring your campus is to get involved within your campus. There are many clubs, activities, sororities, and fraternities you could join to make your college experience 100 times better. Not only would you be interacting and keeping yourself busy; in the meantime, you could b...

Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

College students spend a lot of money on college textbooks that they are only going to use for a semester or two. Do not pay full price for textbooks unless it is absolutely necessary. Searching for the right textbook can be costly and time consuming. Here are couple ways you can save on these expensive textbooks. When you start looking for textbooks, my advice is avoid the bookstore at all cost and check out all your other options first. The school bookstore is usually pricey, but they c...