For Your Best Campus Experience, Get Involved!

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Hi, my name is Nyomi Spencer, and I am currently a student at Farmingdale State College. I’m currently a junior studying Business Management. When I came to Farmingdale, I was nervous to get involved on campus. I thought that it wouldn’t benefit me, but I was wrong. After I became an RA, I realized how important it is to be involved on campus. I realized that having more things to occupy your time makes your time here not only better, but memorable. Having things to occupy your time helps with your social life, stepping out your comfort zone, and your mental health. These are some ways to get involved on campus:

Join Clubs

They’re over 50 clubs on campus, and you have the option to create your own. There are clubs that are for majors, entertainment, and even awareness. All of them can help you find people who are interested in the same things that you are interested in. If you are a Christian, there’s a club called Cru, where other Christians on campus come together. Joining clubs makes it very easy to connect with others, and get involved on campus. I’ve joined clubs throughout my time at Farmingdale, and personally it’s something I look forward to every week. I find that they make me less stressed and I feel more involved.

Be involved in Greek Life

Being a part of Greek Life has a lot of benefits on campus. When you join Greek Life, it exposes you to other people in Greek Life on campus. All of the organizations have support for each other, and that’s a reason to make more friends. Greek Life not only benefits you on campus, but when you graduate. You have connections with that organization. It helps with networking and connections for life. I’m personally not involved, but my friends are, and they really like it. They feel more involved on campus and they like the Greek community.

Look into intramural sports teams

Do you want to play sports but you don’t want the pressure of being on an official team? Intramural sports are the answer. Here at Farmingdale, we have plenty of intramural teams, and you can also create your own. This is a great way to get involved in sports and make friends. You can also stay fit and have a stress-relieving activity to participate in. Intramural sports are also fun and really easy to join. This is a great way to get involved on campus. I’m also not personally a part of intramural sports, but I also know people who really enjoy the leagues.

Become an RA

Being an RA is an opportunity that can really benefit you in the long road. When you become an RA, you get to live on campus for free, you make connections with other resident students, and you learn a lot of time-management skills. It’s a big responsibility at the end of the day, but you learn so much about others and the campus. You interact with other resident students and make lifelong connections. You are the first friend that a lot of resident students will have. It’s also a very good thing to put your resume. I was an RA for a year, and I really enjoyed what I learned in my experience. It really helps with how you manage your time and making friends within the dorms. Some of my old residents still talk to me when I pass them on campus, and that’s how I knew that I’ve made a good impact in their life. The experience is so valuable and memorable. I highly recommend this position if you want to get involved.

Become a Rambassador

This is another opportunity that is amazing to be a part of. You are the first person that prospective students will see. We offer tours of the campus and we talk about why Farmingdale is a great place. Each of us is proud to be Farmingdale students, and we are excited to tell you about our campus. I have a friend named Dean, who is also a Rambassador, and he shares some of his experiences with me. He talks about how students recognize him around campus, and they remember that he gave them a tour. Those experiences make this opportunity worthwhile, because you have made an impact in a person’s life and you are memorable. This opportunity is great when you are passionate about Farmingdale.

It’s amazing being involved on campus, because you make plenty of new connections on a daily basis. And overall your experience at Farmingdale will be memorable and amazing. There are a lot more opportunities to get involved on campus. When you get involved, just make sure school comes first, and remember to have a healthy balance between school and social needs.