What’s New with Esports?

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Last time I wrote about Farmingdale Esports, we were just transitioning from being a club to having multiple different teams for each game we compete in. In the past semester, all of our teams got to compete in leagues for their respective games. Our Esports teams finally got to prove themselves in competitions between many other colleges nationwide. Our FIFA players even won the league they were entered in during their first semester as a team. We have a trophy in the Esports room from the ...

Farmingdale Esports

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Esports are on the rise worldwide, and of course that’s true here at FSC as well. If you don’t know what esports are, let me explain. Esports is short for electronic sports. Esports is a competition, but instead of games like football or soccer it’s a competition in a video game. Many different games now have esports competitions and these competitions are becoming so big that there are professional players that are getting paid for being the best at their video game, just like athletes do i...