Why Adrianna Chose Farmingdale State College

Adrianna Della Vedova
Adrianna DellaVedova is a first-semester freshman at Farmingdale State College, with a story behind why she chose a school so close to home. Before graduating Deer Park High School in 2019, Adrianna thought she knew exactly what she wanted to pursue in college, without any question. Adrianna always had an interest in helping others with medical ailments, and it led her to decide that she truly had a passion to work in the medical field. During her years in high school, Adrianna was diagn...

How to Manage Your Time in College

Time spelled on clock
Time management is defined as the ability to use one's time effectively, and is one of the most important keys to success in life, but it also one of the hardest skills to maintain. Over time, I have made a list of things that help me manage my time wisely and stay on track as best as I can, and in this blog I am going to share my tips to managing time. The first suggestion that I have, and personally cannot go without, is to keep a calendar or planner, or even both. This makes it so much...

Have Extra Time?

join a club
Do you ever ask yourself what to do with that spare time that you have during classes? Do you have a passion for anything in particular, whether it is gaming or art? At Farmingdale State College, we have a wide variety of clubs and organizations. You are bound to find something that catches your eye. The beauty of it all is that it may enhance your resume when it is time to take the next step in your life, and you get to have a great time doing something you love. We all have different ca...

How to Maintain Health and Fitness in College

gym workout
When I first started at Farmingdale State College, I didn't realize the time commitment that school calls for. I had just come out of a career that enabled me to have the time to workout at least once per day, while also staying incredibly active in my time outside of the gym, so my transition to sedentary studying life was difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes fitness extends beyond the classic "Freshman 15" weight gain that we have heard so much about. My first semester back was hectic. I...

Your Last Year of Undergrad Checklist

Are you stressed out because it’s your last year of college, and not sure if you’re in good standing? I’m going to lay out a precise checklist so that you can compare your progress and get a better understanding of your last year as an undergraduate student, so you can get that degree! The first thing on the checklist is to review your DegreeWorks, or campus-provided way to see all of the classes you have taken, and classes that still need to be taken. Farmingdale makes this easy for its...

Cell Phone addiction is real and it’s controlling us more than we realize

teens on cellphones
Have you ever looked around the room during any moment of time and noticed the number of people that are staring at their cell phones? At a restaurant, in a classroom, at the movies, etc. There has been a drastic increase in how often society as a whole spends on technology, but there is no doubt that the focus has primarily been on cell phones. I even noticed in myself how much I look at my cell phone, and this is the core reason why I picked this topic to write about, as I wanted to explor...

My Internship Experience

internship blocks
Looking for an internship? Well, you’re in luck! Farmingdale State College offers a variety of internships, whether it’s on- or off-campus. Just visit the Nexus Center or the Axiom Database to discover your next internship opportunity. If you need help with writing a resume or cover letter, you can always visit the Nexus Center location outside the lobby entrance to Greenley Hall for advisement. Nexus Center is where I found my internship opportunity. The internship I obtained with Farmin...

How to Get Involved Around Campus

cartoon of people doing activities
Joining your first year in college can be a little scary. There are many emotions you could be feeling, such as being lonely, homesick, depressed, or even tired most of the time. The best way to make new friends while exploring your campus is to get involved within your campus. There are many clubs, activities, sororities, and fraternities you could join to make your college experience 100 times better. Not only would you be interacting and keeping yourself busy; in the meantime, you could b...

Ride-Along Experience

police vehicle
“Bad boys, whatcha want, whatcha want, whatcha gonna do when Sheriff John Brown comes for you?” Do you ever wonder what University Police experience? How to avoid those traffic tickets? Or simply ride what’s it like sitting in the front of a patrol car? You may be lucky. You may have read “University Police Ride-Along Well Worth the Trip.” With being an Resident Assistant I already know what goes on in the dorms, but what about around campus? Not to scare you, but the campus is ranked the...

How Campus Activities Board Shaped My College Experience

Campus Activities Board logo
CAB, Campus Activities, “the club that does all the big events” - Campus Activities Board goes by many names. But I know it as my home.  Campus Activities Board, also known more commonly as CAB, is one of the largest and oldest recognized student organizations on campus.  The club is open to all students who pay the mandatory student activity fee. The CAB office is located in the Conklin lounge, adjacent to the vending machines and table tennis area.  It is definitely the best place to visit...