My Internship Experience

internship blocks

Looking for an internship? Well, you’re in luck! Farmingdale State College offers a variety of internships, whether it’s on- or off-campus. Just visit the Nexus Center or the Axiom Database to discover your next internship opportunity. If you need help with writing a resume or cover letter, you can always visit the Nexus Center location outside the lobby entrance to Greenley Hall for advisement. Nexus Center is where I found my internship opportunity.

The internship I obtained with Farmingdale State College is a social media internship. This was the internship I wanted, because it offers me experience of an entry-level marketing position. This position provides an insight into what one has to accomplish if they’re looking for a marketing position in the future. This internship is run by Katy Tatzel, the Chief Enrollment and Strategy Officer, along with Francesca Frasco, student intern manager.

In this internship, I’m required to complete six LinkedIn learning classes on social media, write three blogs, attend school events, write weekly content for school social media platform, complete a student interview, enroll in the internship course, and complete analytic reports on social media. While the work load seems heavy, I was able to keep up with it and have enjoyed every assignment given. It does sound like a lot, but it’s not. As long as I keep up with everything I don’t fall behind. We were required to meet every week on a common hour and have an individual meeting with Katy, our supervisor.

Our weekly content is mostly from Campus Times, on the Farmingdale website. We also are required to include one post for Ram Reward, one student spotlight, athletics post, and energy-saving tips. In each post, we must include the post title, website link, hashtags, and a picture that is related to that certain post. I had to format it in a document and submit it to my supervisor for approval. Writing weekly content kept me in the loop of what’s going on around the campus, and helped me learn new ways to improve on writing future content.

Then there’s the LinkedIn learning. For anyone who doesn’t know LinkedIn, it offers a variety of classes on many subjects, one of which is social media or social media marketing. At the end of each class, they offer certification to prove that I indeed finished the class. Each class is about 2 hours long, and they are certainly very informational. LinkedIn offers classes from Social Media Marketing for Small Business, to Introduction to Digital Advertising. They also offer classes for each social media, like Facebook for Business, which are classes on how to promote a business on Facebook.

We also had a blog post, where you have to write a 750-word blog post on a specific topic, which is why I’m writing this. The first blog I completed was about my study-abroad trip to Cyrus. The next blog was about my top 7 memories from freshman to senior year. Now, I have to admit it is certainly difficult to come up with a blog idea at first. After looking around at other blog posts that are available on the Farmingdale blog, and looking at different websites, I was able to come up with those ideas. Out blog posts have to be relatable and about your experience, which I at first struggled with.

This internship also offers an internship course credit. The internship course also has a few requirements, which are to complete 100 hours of work, participate in discussions with classmates online, submit timesheets each week, attend a Business Management Professional Development Workshop, and complete two journal entries. It’s a lot of dedication to this internship, but it’s not unmanageable to get an A in this course.

There were also analytic reports regarding the platform, and discussing the improvements I can make to my post and the platform itself. What I learned about my platform and what posts are the most popular among the contents I posted. In this report, I include the statistics and the types of visitors that visit my platform. Each platform is different and each analytics report is certainly different from each other. For example, I have LinkedIn, and for LinkedIn the most popular posts are posts regarding internships and future employers coming to campus. When my platform switched from LinkedIn to Facebook, it becomes a different matter. From what I see so far, on Facebook most of the messages I received are those who are interested in coming to Farmingdale. So, you can see each platform reaches a different audience.

I am very grateful for this internship opportunity, and if anyone is interested in applying for this social media internship at Farmingdale, it offers great experience, as well as course credit, and you won’t regret it.