Your Last Year of Undergrad Checklist

Are you stressed out because it’s your last year of college, and not sure if you’re in good standing? I’m going to lay out a precise checklist so that you can compare your progress and get a better understanding of your last year as an undergraduate student, so you can get that degree! The first thing on the checklist is to review your DegreeWorks, or campus-provided way to see all of the classes you have taken, and classes that still need to be taken. Farmingdale makes this easy for its...

Transferring to FSC? This Is What You Should Know

FSC entrance sign
Similar to many of the students who attend Farmingdale State College, I was a transfer student for the spring semester in 2018. After graduating from Suffolk County Community College during the fall semester of 2017, I wish there were things I knew about FSC before my first day. If you’re a transfer student or thinking about transferring this article may be for you! Before my actual first day of school at FSC I had only been to the campus a handful of times. I walked through the campus on...