Why Adrianna Chose Farmingdale State College

Adrianna Della Vedova
Adrianna DellaVedova is a first-semester freshman at Farmingdale State College, with a story behind why she chose a school so close to home. Before graduating Deer Park High School in 2019, Adrianna thought she knew exactly what she wanted to pursue in college, without any question. Adrianna always had an interest in helping others with medical ailments, and it led her to decide that she truly had a passion to work in the medical field. During her years in high school, Adrianna was diagn...

How to Get Organized and Stay Organized

getting organized
Being organized in college is a lot easier said than done. Between early morning 8 a.m. classes, deadlines, and staying on track with homework it can become overwhelming if you’re not organized. I am going to explain some of my favorite ways on how to get organized and stay organized. First things first, you're going to need a planner! Planners are a great way to lay out ideas and visualize what your week has lined up for you. Make your tasks easy to read and ordering them as a check-list...