How to Stay Healthy and Active This Semester

Everyone has a different definition of the word healthy. Health can vary from physical health, such as freedom from illness or injury, and mental health, such as emotional and psychological health. During the semester, the majority of students are busy and feel like they have no time to practice living a healthy lifestyle. Between exams, jobs, and any other extracurricular activities, exercise may not be a priority. Although it may seem impossible, living a healthy and active lifestyle is ma...

How to Manage Your Time in College

Time spelled on clock
Time management is defined as the ability to use one's time effectively, and is one of the most important keys to success in life, but it also one of the hardest skills to maintain. Over time, I have made a list of things that help me manage my time wisely and stay on track as best as I can, and in this blog I am going to share my tips to managing time. The first suggestion that I have, and personally cannot go without, is to keep a calendar or planner, or even both. This makes it so much...