How to Maintain Health and Fitness in College

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When I first started at Farmingdale State College, I didn’t realize the time commitment that school calls for. I had just come out of a career that enabled me to have the time to workout at least once per day, while also staying incredibly active in my time outside of the gym, so my transition to sedentary studying life was difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes fitness extends beyond the classic “Freshman 15” weight gain that we have heard so much about.

My first semester back was hectic. I quickly ran out of time to work out more than once per week, and on top of that, my diet changed. Suddenly convenience was more of a factor in my food choices than health. As the semesters went by, I began taking on increasingly challenging course loads, which exacerbated the problem. I went through cycles of daily exercise during breaks in the summer and winter, and then no exercise in the 15-week long semester.

Fast forward to my last semester at FSC, when I figured out how to work around this dilemma, just in time to not benefit from it myself! Rather, I am choosing to pass the information along. The following are all recommendations that I have personally used or have heard from someone with first-hand experience.

FSC Campus

Here at FSC we have a number of options for our students. I wanted to dedicate a category to the wonderful services we offer here!

1. Freshens – last year FSC welcomed Freshens as the newest addition to our dining hall. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this location, as they offer both hearty and light options, depending on your mood and cravings! They offer a “design your own bowl” that can include or leave out any topping you can imagine. My personal favorite is the new brown rice and quinoa blend! They have wraps, melts, salads, and rice bowls, along with other things they are constantly adding to the menu.

2. FSC Campus Book Store – The undiscovered treasure chest of our campus is our book store. They are home to the best snacks in town, but no one has caught onto this except for a handful of us! In addition, the staff includes the friendliest people around. I get these delightful chocolate-covered chickpeas from there at least once a week for a little pick-me-up.

3. FSC Gym – We have two gyms here at FSC! For $50 per semester, you can have unlimited access to the gym on campus, which includes new state of the art equipment. More information about this gym can be found here: Additionally, we have a free gym called the “Flab Factory.” Located in Roosevelt Hall, this gym is available for use by all students. More information about this location can be found here:

4. FSC Fitness Classes – To add to our growing list of student activities, FSC offers 100% free fitness classes to its students. The classes include yoga, zumba, pilates, abs & core, cardio, and upper-body-strength workouts. More information about this can be found here:

5. Health & Wellness Options – To keep yourself in the best possible health, we offer free acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatment to all of our students. This is another well-kept secret of FSC! I always recommend that new students take advantage of these benefits. In addition, students can enhance their teeth as well as their muscles! We offer free teeth cleaning and reduced-price teeth whitening to our students. More information below:

Health & Wellness:


If the above options were not sufficient for you, I would like to take the time to introduce some nearby options that I have also taken advantage of. FSC is located in the heart of Long Island, and almost anything you want is a quick drive away.


Distance: less than 10 miles. Soulcycle is a great way to get in a rigorous workout in 45 minutes. When I am on a time constraint, I always head here to get my sweat on. They offer new rider discounts and periodic seasonal discounts on special occasions.

LA Fitness
Distance: less than 1 mile. For commuter students, LA Fitness is a wonderful option for a gym, as there are numerous franchises all over Long Island. I often frequent the one next door to campus, as well as the one located two miles from my house.

Distance: less than 6 miles. While there is a lot of controversy around pH balanced water, I can personally attest to the fact that their saunas are incredible and their water is delicious (if you’ve ever tasted bad water you know what I’m talking about!). I often frequent Phountain when I don’t have time to go to the gym. Rather, I sit in the sauna for 30 minutes with my notes, and sweat it out while I study. The best part? New customers can get services for free if they are skeptical.

Bloomingdales Cafe
Distance: less than 2 miles. Did you know Bloomingdales has a cafe? Not many people do! Just up the road from FSC is the Walt Whitman Mall, which is home to a beautiful Bloomingdales. The basement of Bloomingdales contains their restaurant, known as “Forty Carrots.” They have (arguably) the most delicious healthy meal options, along with fresh frozen yogurt. My favorite is the punch card you can use to get one yogurt for free after 10 yogurt purchases. On top of that, you can stop by your favorite nearby store to get a new outfit to match your fit lifestyle. Bonus: there is a Vitamin Shoppe across the street.

Rock Climbing
Distance: less than 1 mile. Rock climbing has been used by many to both socialize and experience a great workout. I have been to a number of work events at this location, and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! The location is called “Island Rock,” and is just across the street from campus. More information can be found here:

Even those on a busy schedule can take advantage of the options listed above! After taking an overload of credits for three semesters, I can personally attest to how incredibly valuable these locations are. For more fun, go out and explore! There are many options I have not yet had the chance to explore, and I’m sure there are other gems out there!

Keep in mind: it is possible to multitask to fit all your life goals. Don’t stress and enjoy the ride 🙂