Have Extra Time?

join a club

Do you ever ask yourself what to do with that spare time that you have during classes? Do you have a passion for anything in particular, whether it is gaming or art? At Farmingdale State College, we have a wide variety of clubs and organizations. You are bound to find something that catches your eye. The beauty of it all is that it may enhance your resume when it is time to take the next step in your life, and you get to have a great time doing something you love.

We all have different callings in life and different things we are either passionate or great at. There are no limits to how many clubs/organizations that you can join. You can always decide how involved you get on campus. Getting involved on campus makes your overall experience in college that much better. You never know, you can meet your new bestie at a meeting. So, how do I find the list of clubs/organization that are available on campus, you might ask? The answer is RamCentral. Here is the website that you can find the upcoming events, meetings, and a whole list of clubs and organizations.

RamCentral presents the events hosted from each club, and the times that they are meeting. Besides RamCentral, you may go to the Student Activities office located in Conklin. Conklin is the building next to Campus Center. Student Activities helps to keep you in the loop. You can always go and ask questions, and the staff can answer your questions, or find the appropriate person to obtain the answer. So this dynamic duo that is RamCentral and office of Student Activities is your gateway to your new home.

Do you want to help plan events for the school? Then Campus Activity Board is the club for you! Do you love to dance? Then the dance team is for you! If academics is your thing, then there are clubs like the Pre-Health Professions club, Psychology club and Computer Technology club. If you are interested in community services, then we have the Give Kindness club, that is “dedicated to spreading positivity and random acts if kindness throughout the community of Farmingdale State College.” The mission is to “create a smile and make a day.” Does this sound appealing? Then this is the club for you. If you are athletic, then we have clubs for you, such as Campus Recreation & Intramurals club and Volleyball club, to name a few. If you are about social awareness, then we have Women in Business. If you interested in student governance, then we have a Student Government Association, in which you can have your voice heard and enhance your and your fellow students’ experience on campus.

We have performing arts clubs as well, like the Backstage Theatre Company, Farmingdale Xpressions, and Ram Nation Radio. If you want to share your passion for your religion or culture, then we have clubs for that as well! We have clubs like Latin American Student Organization, South Asian Student Association, CRU (Christian) club, and modern language club. If you like programming, then we have clubs for you as well. We have Campus Life Awards, RamChella Committee, and Farewell Ball Committee.

What to do if you cannot find a club that interests you? Start one of your own! If you visit Student Activities you can register an organization. There will be some paperwork involved, but if you are truly passionate then you can make it happen. Don’t be afraid to take that leap forward in joining a club/organization. It can be life changing. Having your voice heard in Student Government Association or dancing your little heart away are perfect examples of how you can make an impact. Being on the dance team, you can entertain your fellow peers during halftime, and make their time at the game a better one, and you may even inspire someone else to step out of their comfort zone.

I would like to encourage every person to join a club/organization, as it is a great way to fill in the gaps between classes, as it gives you new friends that you share common interest with. It also gives you a way to network. The professional clubs that we have can be essential, and the recreational clubs can help by keeping you fit. There is something for everyone at Farmingdale State College. We have the resources and make the information readily available. If you ever have any questions, remember that you can have them answered at Office of Student Activities or on RamCentral. So join a club today!