How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a College Internship

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After graduation, employers will be on the lookout for those who stand out academically, and the graduates who demonstrate the skills, responsibility, and experience necessary to fill positions in their company. Internships, which are not always a necessary part of a college education, are great résumé builders, and they provide much of the experience and invaluable knowledge needed prior to starting a career in your field.  However, securing an internship is no easy feat, as there would be ...

Socialize with Friends and Strategize Your Time

March has just rolled around, which means we are almost a fourth of the way done with the year, and halfway done with spring semester. With that comes a lot of stress about midterms, graduation, holidays and all the in-betweens. Take it from a person who is currently juggling a full-time job, full-time classes, and my wedding this month. I can tell you I am stressed! But every day I am making it through, and I can tell you one of the easiest ways I have managed my stress is by socializing wi...

Third time’s the charm

third time....
I graduated high school in 2016. It's now 2019 and I have attended three colleges so far. I have been stacking on student ID’s like they are trading cards at this point, trying to “collect ‘em all” as they say. But the real reason is I was trying to find the perfect institution that better fits my needs. My first semester of college after high school I started at NYIT in the city, a semester later I transferred to CUNY at City Tech. And after three semesters of that I transferred to SUNY,...

Cheap Alternative Cuisines for the Average “Broke College Kid”

Have you ever been in class and your stomach started rumbling? You then proceed to the cafeteria and the lines are too long or you don’t want to pay for the buffet? Then here is list of food places you can visit near the campus! From cheapest deals to more pricey meals! Not to mention food places where you can got food to take to your dorm and prepare, or on-the-go snacks for your next class! To start this list off, we can provide places for the average “broke” college student. Beginning ...

Surviving College

surviving college
The college experience is one you’ll never forget. You meet new people from many different backgrounds; have new, exciting and fulfilling experiences; you get to study what you love or explore what you want to study; and you’ll have a LOT more freedom and independence. All of these things compounded will make for an amazing journey, but beware! If you don’t find the right balance between studying, a social life, maintaining relationships, and taking time for yourself things can quickly spira...

Tips on Being a Student-Athlete and a Full-Time Student

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Being a full-time student is already a major commitment that requires a ton of dedication, focus, and time. So, why on earth would you want to be a student-athlete? On top of that, go to practice six days a week, completing homework, plus everything else important a college student should be overthinking and over-worrying about? Because you have an abundant amount of love and passion for your sport, that’s why. Your passion for sports and your commitment to school will get you through the...

How to Make a Good First Impression with Professors and Get to Know Them Well

Have you ever heard “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”? If yes, that quote is right. When you first meet people, their impression forms instantly based on the visual cues your face and body provide. They then go on to try to guess your age. The final cue to the impression you make on others is provided by your appearance and how attractive they judge you to be. You may be asking how does that apply to professors? How do I make a good first impression with profes...

Effective Ways to Use a Planner

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Have you ever gone into a stationary store and seen planners for sale? Have you noticed the prices? They are quite pricey, in my opinion. Many times before I saw the prices and wondered why they were so expensive. Before I began college, I never had used a planner and said that I was not going to pay over $20 for a planner. Well, that changed when I started to have a busy life. I saw that I wasn't able to manage my time wisely, and decided to invest in a planner. The first planner I bought w...

It’s the Little Things…

It can be a daunting experience when you set foot on campus grounds for the first time. You’re probably going to be in sensory overload for the remainder of the day. You’ll see fellow students who you’ve never met or recognize, shuffling to their first classes. You’ll probably pay a visit to one of the campus’ map markers or ask someone for directions. You’ll feel a different air in one of our pristine buildings, a breeze you’re not quite used to. Some of you will feel anxious, a handful of ...

How to Find and Explore your Passions in College

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Upon high school graduation, the most common pieces of advice you will receive from parents, teachers, and older siblings, in regard to college, is that “You get out of it what you put into it.” Going on my second semester in college, this admonition could not be more correct. Time is an intimidating principle. It is easy to find yourself lost in due dates, exams, and homework, where you may find yourself forgetting what it is all working towards. Everyone has goals and ambitions; however, i...