Common Grammar Mistakes

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As students, we write. A LOT. Despite our extended years of experience writing papers and paragraphs, we have had many mistakes slip right past our memories. The following are a group of the most common grammar mistakes anyone can make and how to correct them. Affect vs. Effect The most common of all, whether to use affect or effect is something we can easily ignore in the verbal sense. It is when we have to put it on paper that we sneak onto google or just try and hope our reader do...

The School of Business

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The School of Business here at Farmingdale is comprised of various different degree programs. Within the School of Business is the Applied Economics, Business Management, Computer Systems, Ornamental Horticulture, Sport Management and Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design programs. As a Business Management student I am proud to say that the faculty and staff are very well educated and experienced within their fields. The instruction of these professors are both collaborative and career...

Tips for Applying to Farmingdale State College’s Nursing Program

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Patients give a great gift to nurses. Nurses care for people when they are at their most vulnerable state. This can be a time that is full of pain, fear, shame, anxiety, and/or dread. It is truly a privilege to be trusted by patients. It enables the nurse to use their knowledge, skills, and experience to the best of their ability to nurse patients back to health. This is something that should never be forgotten or exploited. As a junior in the Nursing Program at Farmingdale State College, I cann...

Getting Involved As a Senior

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Farmingdale State College has been my home for the past year and a half after I transferred from Nassau Community College. I was excited to start a new school where I could be more involved. After 2 months, I found myself falling back into the “commuter flow” that I had when I was at Nassau. At Nassau, I would go only on days that I had class and I would leave right after my classes were over. I never became a part of any clubs or ventured into other parts of the campus, other than where my clas...

Succeeding as a Pre-med Bioscience Major

When I started at Farmingdale State college I was originally a Criminal Justice Major and it didn’t last very long. When taking my CRJ classes I got all great grades but I knew that this was not exactly what I wanted to do. I decided to change my major and go the med route and become a Bioscience major with a pre-med track. I knew that I didn’t want to be in law enforcement or become a lawyer. I wanted to help people and discover new things in medicine to make a difference in healthcare and soci...

Architect Student as a Woman at FSC

When I was in middle school I decided that I wanted to pursue my career in Architecture. In middle school and high school whenever I told my mentors or any adult in general, they all said the same thing, “Wow that's great! Not many female architects are out there, you can get a lot of scholarships and opportunities as a female.” Hearing this motivated me even more to major in architecture. My parents weren't sure about my decision. They were afraid that I wouldn't be able to compete in a field w...

Organizing Your Time

During your time at Farmingdale, your organization of time is crucial. Time should be set for homework, school work, etc. Many students have an active social life on and off of campus, such as sororities/fraternities, athletics, or jobs. Well, there are ways that you can keep your schedule organized because time can go very quickly if you don't pay attention. One way that you can stay organized is to buy a planner, there are all different types. You can use one that has space for each day, week,...

How to Survive Your Freshman Year

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The thought of college may be scary for many incoming freshmen. Senior year of high school is filled with memories with some of your oldest and closest friends. It is more about having fun and making memories. College is still like that, but there is a bigger emphasis on doing well. It is a lot of work and it is definitely stressful, but for most people it is the best years of their lives. Being able to balance school work and a social life is especially important in college. Getting good grades...

Benefits of Getting an Internship

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As everyone knows, experience is what matters when it comes to finding a job after college. Unfortunately, the experience that you have is more important in most cases than having a bachelors degree because real life experience is key. Farmingdale State College allows many opportunities in all degree programs for students to get real life experience through internships through the school either paid or for credit. Personally, I have done one internship through the school, I was the first stud...

The Advantages of Being a Liberal Arts Major

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As a Freshmen, I decided to go in as undecided.  I was not sure what to major in and choosing a major is a big step towards your future. With choosing a major it will impact the rest of your life because your main goal is to go after a career that you will enjoy, rather than a job that’s not in your interest. I was then placed in the Liberal Arts department. When it comes to liberal arts there are advantages. You might be asking what is liberal arts? According to the FSC website, liberal art...