How to Maintain Long Distance Relationships

Maintaining long-distance relationships, whether this is a friendship or romantic, aren’t easy. The three key factors you need are trust, dedication, and communication. without these, I’m sorry to say that your relationship won’t have any kind of foundation. Many people have dealt with this issue, usually because of distance, external forces, or education. Some long distance relationships aren’t so bad; you get to see your partner in person every weekend or probably every two months. Sometime...

Tips for Talking to Your Professors

When it comes to talking to our professors, some of us might experience a sinking feeling. It comes from the anxiety of not wanting to be a bother or wondering if the question you’re about the ask is even worth asking. It’s important to remember that as students you are always allowed to talk to your professors and they know that, because if they couldn’t help you with a question who would? However, it is easier said than done and that’s why I’ve decided to share some tips I’ve collected over my...

Managing work and school as a full-time College Student

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Being a full-time college student takes a lot of your time whether you are in class learning, out of class studying or getting involved in clubs or campus activities. School takes up most of the day and everyone knows not only are college students tired but they are “broke.” With student loans and just everyday expenses, it is very hard to have money or save money while in college but, it is not impossible. I always say that it is very important to work hard and save money but it is just as impo...

The Nose Knows: A Quick Guide to Implement Aromatherapy into Your Study Practice

When I sat down to write this blog, I first thought to myself, what would help me put my words to paper, well to computer actually? What came to mind, of course, were scents of lemon and lime, my two favorite essential oils. The correct work environment makes a great deal of difference in performance.  You want to have the right lighting next to you to avoid eye strain, a comfy chair under you to avoid lumbar compression, a cup of tea or “insert other preferred beverage here” to keep you hydr...

Hidden Gems of Farmingdale

Many people make the mistake of viewing college as strictly academic.  A lot of people only go to class in a handful of lecture halls then go home.  There is so much more to this campus if you decide to explore and interact with others.  College can be stressful, and even though we have difficult coursework, there is still a time and place for fun and social activities.  Farmingdale State College is full of diverse students, different organizations, and elite academic programs.  When you first c...

Freshmen Friday

People ask me all the time, “How’s your first year in college going?” The truth is that it’s great! I could have never made a better decision than choosing Farmingdale State College as my home away from home. Now hold on, I know what you’re thinking, he is just selling the school with the cheesiest lines and phrases. I’m not like that. If I see something that’s too good to be true, I’m out the door. So before you go scrolling down or exiting off this page, just give me 2 minutes, and I’ll tell y...

Services Offered at FSC

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Farmingdale State College provides a wide array of services to ensure the success of students, to sharpen their research and writing skills, to maintain their health and well-being, and personal counseling when required, all free to registered students. The Academic Advisement and Information Center, or AAIC provides guidance you need to work efficiently as you register for classes. Before you select and register for courses, students meet with their assigned academic advisor, this helps ensu...

Life as a Freelance Artist

Careers are constantly marked by forks in the road, and digital art is no exception. Whether it’s settling on a niche in the industry, or opting to pursue further education instead of paid work, or figuring out the right step to bolster your creative resume, there are plenty of big questions artists have to ask themselves. One of the toughest choices to make is deciding whether to go freelance or work in a studio. There are many way you can go about this but it also depends on the person in said...

Surviving your first internship

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Last summer I went on my first internship. I was very nervous but very excited. As a Medical Laboratory Tech student I experienced working in the hospital for the first time. I decided to do a practice run to the hospital, and met with the supervisor for the students. This eliminated most of my nerves.  I was able to experience how nice everyone was, and I was able to get right to work the first day. All of the paperwork that I needed to fill out was done before I even started. My internship...

Why you should choose the commuter life!

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Should I dorm or should I commute? This is the question so many college students ask themselves, each and every year while planning for school. If you chose to go to a school relatively close to your house than the option to commute is open and you can really do either of the two, but there are definitely some major benefits to being a commuter. Let me tell you about them. For starters, the first thing everyone will realize is the savings! Given that the alternate to staying at campus is ...