Surviving the Library

go to the library
As finals week comes to an end most of us have either spent many long days in the library or felt like we didn't spend enough time there. For some of us we were in the library longer than we were in our own homes. If you did not spend enough time there, no worries. Next semester you can spend more time, and you are going to need some tips. Being prepared is the essential key to being successful. This is why every student needs a guide to how to survive the library. (Insert Twilight Zone musi...

Surviving your first internship

intern 1
Last summer I went on my first internship. I was very nervous but very excited. As a Medical Laboratory Tech student I experienced working in the hospital for the first time. I decided to do a practice run to the hospital, and met with the supervisor for the students. This eliminated most of my nerves.  I was able to experience how nice everyone was, and I was able to get right to work the first day. All of the paperwork that I needed to fill out was done before I even started. My internship...

Organizing Your Time

During your time at Farmingdale, your organization of time is crucial. Time should be set for homework, school work, etc. Many students have an active social life on and off of campus, such as sororities/fraternities, athletics, or jobs. Well, there are ways that you can keep your schedule organized because time can go very quickly if you don't pay attention. One way that you can stay organized is to buy a planner, there are all different types. You can use one that has space for each day, week,...

The Rambassadors and What it Can do for You!

The Rambassadors program is not just your ordinary leadership program. It is a program that allows you to excel and participate in many great aspects of college. Within Rambassadors you will meet many people such as faculty and staff that will better your education here at Farmingdale State College. In our group we have many student members and four amazing counselors who are staff on campus. Rob, Nicole, Katy, and Eileen provide us with the help that we need to create events. I have bee...

Softball Trip to Florida

On March 8th, 2016 every player on the Farmingdale State softball team woke up at around 4:30 am both tired and excited. Today was the day we were counting down for. Warm and sunny Florida was only a few hours away. I was very excited to go on my first softball tournament in Florida. The night before I made sure I had everything I needed for the trip. At 4:15 in the morning I woke up and got ready to leave, I checked that my softball sweatpants and t-shirt, to make sure that I looked decent. As ...