The Rambassadors and What it Can do for You!

The Rambassadors program is not just your ordinary leadership program. It is a program
that allows you to excel and participate in many great aspects of college. Within Rambassadors
you will meet many people such as faculty and staff that will better your education here at
Farmingdale State College. In our group we have many student members and four amazing
counselors who are staff on campus. Rob, Nicole, Katy, and Eileen provide us with the help that
we need to create events.

I have been in Rambassadors for a year, I will always be grateful for joining this
program. After joining I have been able to participate in many events and able to make may
friends. Some events we partake in is Open House, Accepted students day, Alumni Dinner and
many more. Through this program I was able to meet many people, one person for example was
President Nader. We meet those who care deeply for this school and want to make it strive. We
become one with the faculty, This gives the student body a voice.
We also hold many other events that involve fun and games, some include Ram-bo’s
birthday, mascot madness, get the scoop and many more. In our bi-weekly meetings we discuss
what we want to do and how we want to run it, we become the people in charge. In all of these
events we get to know each other and all of the students. We usually have a table set up in
Campus Center with fun giveaways, a mini basketball hoop and so many other fun things.


Our most important role in this program is becoming a tour guide. We assume these roles
during Open House, accepted students day and sometimes week day tours. As tour guides we get
to speak to highschool or transfer students and show them the amazing school we attend. I am a
tuesday/thursday tour guide, so I get to talk to these potential students every week. It is very
interesting and rewarding to explain to parents about the value of attending Farmingdale.
Without a surprise I have ran into students that i have given tours to, and I always feel rewarded.
We are the faces of Farmingdale State College.

Rambassadors is not just a program. It is a family. This group has created so many
friendships, we are able to spend so much time and have so many moments together. We try to
plan Rambassador fun days, or some of us will go out to eat just to spend time with each other. I
have created many friendships in this group. I met my closest friend in the very first meeting! As
I walked into the first meeting very nervous and met a person who became my best friend. We
spoke about broadway, music and everything possible. During the summer we even met up in the
city. My friends in this program have had my back all through the semesters. We meet new
friends, and get to know who they are. Each semester we grow a bigger and stronger family.

The photo below contains some of my friends from the group. We sometimes call
ourselves a dysfunctional Rambassador family. Each Rambassador brings each other up when we
are down, and we push each other to strive to do great things. We even sometimes goof around, ok
maybe we always goof around!


Rambassadors will benefit you in many different ways. Some are in the social aspect and
others are in the educational aspect. As a member I have developed leadership skills and group
work skills. I hope that this will allow you to chose to join Rambassadors.