Organizing Your Time

During your time at Farmingdale, your organization of time is crucial. Time should be set for homework, school work, etc. Many students have an active social life on and off of campus, such as sororities/fraternities, athletics, or jobs. Well, there are ways that you can keep your schedule organized because time can go very quickly if you don’t pay attention. One way that you can stay organized is to buy a planner, there are all different types. You can use one that has space for each day, week, or each month. But you should only use one because having multiple could allow you to miss deadlines. A planner can allow you to keep in check of what you need to do and what you have upcoming due. This planner will allow you to schedule your time for the week.College planner notebook.

Go to services that help you manage your time. There are services offered if you have trouble scheduling your time. The Academic Advisement and Information Center on campus offers a tutoring program that teaches you how to manage your time during college. This is one of the many services you can take advantage of on campus, and they are free!

Schedule your study time based off of what is due or based on your class schedule. I personally like to study what was covered in class that day, that night. This may change based off of my exam schedule. I center my focus on what exam I have that week. Once the wave of exams is over I catch up on the studying that I had to put on the back burner. This is known as my “catch-up” week. I go back to all of the classes I neglected and finish everything.

Instead of scheduling time, get yourself into a routine. This will allow you to be consistent throughout the week. During the week I push myself into a routine of going to the library at 6:00pm to 11:00 pm since I get more work done at night. If you prefer a routine, make a schedule for the day and stick to it. Once you get into the routine it’s easy to stay on track. You can vary what work you are going to do that day but the most important thing is to get your work accomplished.

Pen laying on a to do list with a check mark in box of to do list.

Another way to organize your time is to designate time without distractions. This includes your phone. I have noticed from personal experience that you can get so much accomplished if you don’t have your phone or iPad accessible. From research on, an average college student spend 38.6 minutes on their phone on Facebook. Putting away the distractions gives your homework your undivided attention. We may pick up our phones when we are doing work and tell ourselves only for 5 minutes, that doesn’t happen, it turns into 45 minutes or even longer.

Even though scheduling time to do work is great you also need to schedule personal time. Even though you can’t plan what life brings you, you can plan what you know. Even if it’s just scheduling time to relax. I always like to watch a good movie while I put on a face mask. Scheduling this allows you to not feel overworked and feel like you are on overload. If you overwork yourself you might burn out before the semester ends and it’s hard to get back into a routine after that.

Scheduling time may be hard but it is crucial in college. Set time throughout the week to get what you need to get done or schedule time just to yourself. Loosing time is very common so keep on top of it and you will succeed.