The Things I Learned During My Time in College

rambassadors 2019

To many seniors, during your last year you tend to look back and remember all of the

memories in college, all the good, the bad and everything in between. College is a time to learn,

make mistakes, and if done right, you would do it the same way all over again. There are many

things that I have learned during my time in Farmingdale. Here are just a few.


The first thing I learned in college is to put your school work first. College is a time to

have fun, hang out with friends, but school should always be a top priority. The main reason you

are in college is to get an education. Prioritizing your time to study or do assignments is the key

to passing your classes. When I first started my education at Farmingdale I did not know how to

prioritize my time. My grades suffered for it, but when I took the time to study , especially on

Fridays, my grades improved. There were times that I had to sacrifice my entire weekend just to

study for an exam. It was not something I wanted to do ,but it takes me one step closer to the



The next thing I learned in college was the study method that was performed in high

school is not going to cut it in college. College exams need to be studied for, and not last minute

such as the day before. You need to be organized as well. A smart woman once told me that

organization is the key to success. This goes into the category of prioritizing your school work.

Besides putting in the time, an important thing to do is ask for help from your professors and

Tutors. This is not something many people in high school did, but it can help you. There are many

services such as AAIC and the Tutoring Center that can assist you. Once you realize that time and

effort needs to be put in to succeed, there is nothing that can stop you from your goals


One thing that I learned pretty early in college is to become involved. I became a

Rambassador my second semester. This leadership program allowed me to interact with many

different people on this campus, such as President Nader, Kathy Coley, Dr. Johnson, the

wonderful women Michelle and Regina from the Alumni Association, and most importantly Nicole

Miller, Rob Cremmins, and Katy Tatzel.  All of these people have taught me things that I will

bring along with me after college. The most important thing they taught me is hard work and

dedication is the key to happiness and success. And “don’t forget to smile” – Rob Cremmins.