I’m a Rambassador… and Proud of It!

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Many students in college are very eager to graduate and go out into the workplace. But, when the time comes you will realize that you will miss all the things Farmingdale had offered you in your years here. As each semester comes around, you fall into a routine, and after each semester you know that another one is just around the corner. It is a cycle until your last semester shows up, and it’s time for you to go into the real world. It is very strange to think about not returning to Farmingdale in the fall. But before I step into the real world, I want to give a proper goodbye to the school that has become my second home, and to the friends I have made along the way. So, as graduation approaches in a few months, this is my
five-year goodbye to Farmingdale.

Back in 2015, I was the eager freshman ready to face Farmingdale. I made some friends, joined softball, and was a liberal arts major. Little did I know things would change when I became part of the Rambassador program. This program opened many doors – I met Nicole, Rob, and Katy. All three have a love for Farmingdale that cannot be put into words. For this, they have made my Farmingdale experience extraordinary. I found myself thriving in this program, and I got to speak to incoming students, and staff members. I am grateful for the connections I have created with some of the staff members, such as Regina and Michelle from alumni association, and Kathy Coley, from the president’s office. They have allowed me to participate in so many great events.

The Rambassador program gave me a voice and taught me that I can be a leader. I loved this program so much that it was an honor for me to be its president. It is very rewarding to run into students on campus who I have given a tour to. It allows me to know that I helped in their path of choosing a college. I’m surprised I never scared them off (you would understand if you have experienced my tours). I will be sad when I give my last “Hi, my name is Jenn. I am a senior in the Medical Laboratory Science program, and I will be your tour guide today.” But I will be happy and proud to pass the headset off to our future Rambassadors.

Sophomore year I transferred into Medical Laboratory Science, and I joined my fellow nerds. I have been exposed to the greatest professors in this college. They take the time not just to educate, but to encourage the best of us. Many of the professors such as Dr. Nebocat, Dr. Austin and Dr. Conforti always had a “my office door is always open” mentality. It was reassuring to know that we have professors that are willing to go the extra mile because they care. From experience, I felt motivated to do my best to make them proud, and without that I would not be the student I am today. I hope one day they will all know the impact they have left on all their students. For the current students at Farmingdale, I’m sure there has been at least one professor that has played a huge role in your college experience, and for all the future students, I hope you have the same experience we had. I thank all the MLS faculty for everything they have done.

While spending an extra year in college, I experienced so many amazing things, such as free-day at Adventure Land, living with my best friends, and participating in a movie premiere on campus. So many opportunities I would have missed. Don’t ever worry about spending extra time in college – no one graduates in four years anyway. 🙂
With a few months until graduation, I will enjoy the last couple of months of college, and will be excited for where the future will lead me. If I can give any student advice, join the program, or join a club. College is what you make of it, so any program or group you are comfortable with, become active in it! You will never know how many opportunities it will bring, and how many doors it might open. Always keep a door open. You never know what it might bring.

Thank you Farmingdale. Once a Ram always a Ram.