Common Grammar Mistakes

Female student writing on piece of paper while sitting at a desk.
As students, we write. A LOT. Despite our extended years of experience writing papers and paragraphs, we have had many mistakes slip right past our memories. The following are a group of the most common grammar mistakes anyone can make and how to correct them. Affect vs. Effect The most common of all, whether to use affect or effect is something we can easily ignore in the verbal sense. It is when we have to put it on paper that we sneak onto google or just try and hope our reader do...

Relaxing Apps for the Stressed Student

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  Being a student can be a constant balancing act where we feel that we can never get a break. Technology has been intended for recreation, but can sometimes act as a stressor. Apps don’t always need to be used to check on the newest social media star, get a new high score, or remind you of future tasks. Here is a list of free, relaxing, simply-designed apps available for both iOS and Android. 1. Breathe Air This app is very simple to use. There is only one exercise to follow whe...

A Taste of New Options at the FSC Market

One thing I love about Farmingdale State College is the consideration it takes to give more to its students. They work hard to provide students with more class times, courses, majors, and events. Campus Dining always provides surveys that can be found on your dining receipt from the Campus Center Market or on They give us choices and hear us out. It really shows this semester with multiple new dining options in the Campus Center Marketplace. Today I’ll let you know of...

Study Tips to Slay Your Stress

Whether a new student or a returning one, we can all agree that college can be a stressful experience, especially because of the schoolwork. We need to keep up-to-date on lectures, complete homework and projects, and prepare for tests. Balancing 12 – 15 credits can be tough, so here are some tips to make your next study session a little bit less stressful. 1. Before the Class Begins Use the time before class starts to get a few more facts in. Treat this like a small review session where ...

Why You Should Take a Creative Writing Class

As a Professional Communications major, I learn how to to prepare a variety of written documents. I am expected to explore the writings of others, re-word sentences for easier understanding, and use proper vocabulary and grammar. I have taken a variety of writing courses within this major that have opened my mind to how media is written for the general populous. My favorite courses I have taken are Creative Writing (EGL 216) and Fiction Writing (PCM 346). These classes were very rewardin...

Awesome Academic Websites for Students

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The responsibilities of a student can be a handful. At the end of the day, we’re stuck in the juggling act of our studies, families, and relaxation. Luckily, there are many websites that can assist us when we need that extra bit of help.   1. Purdue OWL and Citation Machine Purdue OWL was originally used by Purdue University as its Online Writing Lab. It is now used by high schools and colleges nationwide. It has tips for citing just about any source you can think of. It also gives g...

Cool Things to Check Out During Activity Hour

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There is no doubt that Farmingdale State College has many opportunities for its students. However, sometimes we find difficulty fitting our school’s activities into our schedule. Thankfully, FSC provides its students with an activity hour. Without further ado, here’s a little taste on how to spend your next activity hour! Tables, Tables, Tables! It’s guaranteed that you’ve walked into the Campus Center and have seen a table at least once. Typically, these tables advertise events or or...