Campus Activities Past Your Classes

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You wake up, go to class, learn some things about your major, go to the library to study for exams, pack your books up, then turn right back around and go home. This is the story of what most college students do on a daily basis, semester after semester. Little do they realize Farmingdale State College offers a plethora of activities for them to participate in after they finish class. Farmingdale State College has over 70 clubs and activities, including four fraternities and four sororities....

How Greek Life Changed College for Me

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One of the most important things we are always told in school is to get involved, in whatever type of extracurricular activity that may interest you. As a new college student last year, like many of us, I chose not to listen to that advice. Doing so I did not enjoy freshman year whatsoever; I went to classes and sat in my car on breaks just to go back home at the end of the day. I viewed each person I walked past as a stranger because I never had any social interactions with other people aro...

Why you should choose the commuter life!

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Should I dorm or should I commute? This is the question so many college students ask themselves, each and every year while planning for school. If you chose to go to a school relatively close to your house than the option to commute is open and you can really do either of the two, but there are definitely some major benefits to being a commuter. Let me tell you about them. For starters, the first thing everyone will realize is the savings! Given that the alternate to staying at campus is ...