Campus Activities Past Your Classes

students sitting

You wake up, go to class, learn some things about your major, go to the library to study for exams, pack your books up, then turn right back around and go home. This is the story of what most college students do on a daily basis, semester after semester. Little do they realize Farmingdale State College offers a plethora of activities for them to participate in after they finish class. Farmingdale State College has over 70 clubs and activities, including four fraternities and four sororities. There are extracurriculars for those interested in competitive sports, friendly sports, video games, the arts, and more!

In high school you’re always told to get involved, do things around your school, make sure that you have clubs to add to your resume. Although once you get to college there is nobody sitting around to tell you this, advisors just help you register for classes and that is it. Joining a club or an extracurricular in college is so very important for multiple reasons.

How to join: Every semester the Student Activities Board hosts an event called the Club Fair! This is where all the groups and teams on campus set up tables to present to you the best offerings they have, and show you why you should join. This is the best time to find one (or a bunch!) that fit you, or even to find a new interest to explore. Now, if you can’t make this event or do not want to talk to someone about it in person, Farmingdale has an amazing website called RamCentral. RamCentral is the hub for everything going on here on campus. You can research extracurriculars by interest, by major or just scroll and see what’s going on. Both options are amazing ways to get involved on campus.

Continuing your interests: If you were in art club while in high school, then you could join the Art and Design Club here on campus. Many students will focus solely on their major once they enter college, but forget about their passions and interests if it has nothing to do with their degree. This should not be. College is as much a time to grow as high school was! Farmingdale has most likely more extracurriculars than your high school did, and they should be taken advantage of.

Meeting new people: Classes are a few hours long, meeting once or twice a week. This time is for learning from professors and peers, taking notes/exams, and eventually obtaining your degree. There is not any room to genuinely meet new people in class, though! So “Where could one do this?” you might ask. Well, join a club! Everyone from all majors and walks of life are welcome to join any club they would like. This is a great place to interact with people you may not had the chance to, if you didn’t join. Also, they will most likely have similar interests with you if you’re in the same group. These people you meet could potentially be the friend you’ve been looking for, and become your closest friend for life. I know this is how I found my best friends.

In my experience: For me, the way to go was Greek Life. I wanted to become part of something much bigger than me or my school. Joining Alpha Sigma Phi – Iota Psi as a founding father was the best decision I’ve made thus far in college. As a brother of this fraternity I not only have a concrete solid support system here at school with my brothers, but I also have a nationwide network of people who are willing to assist me in any way needed, at a moments notice. Being a part of Greek Life has allowed me to express who I am as a person, with no judgment, and too grow in school and outside of it. As well as having seven other Greek organizations to make friends with, because we all understand how Greek Life goes.

Clubs and Greek Life are not for everyone, which is totally okay. There are other things to do on campus after your classes. Many students like to toss around a football on the great lawn or behind Campus Center between classes. All you have to do is walk up to them and ask to join in. Boom, you just met new people and found something to do. Want to make friends while studying? Pull up a chair in the Greenley Library, next to some unfamiliar faces and who knows, maybe they are reviewing the same material you need to. Finally, the Campus Center is a great place to go after your classes. In the Campus Center you’ll find students doing their work, eating lunch, socializing, and watching TV. This is a prime spot to be for absolutely everything and anything!

Farmingdale State College is an amazing place to earn your degree, but it also offers so much more. Do not stop exploring your interests after high school. Get involved on campus, make new friends, and find something that makes you love coming to school just that much more!