Top 7 Memories from Freshman to Senior

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    1. ASAP program summer ASAP, also known as the TRIO program, is a Student Support Service program that serves first-generation students (students whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree), students who are low-income, and students with disabilities. They provide the support you need to stay in school, finish your degree, and (if desired) pursue graduate study. TRIO staff created a two-week summer Bridge Program to assist with the transition of being a high school senio...

My Journey to Cyprus

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Interested in the study abroad program at Farmingdale State College? Well, there are many opinions to choose from. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Farmingdale State College offers many great opportunities, and even if Farmingdale doesn't have the program you desire there are other SUNY programs from other universities that you can take advantage off. The application deadlines for study abroad are the following: for Fall and Thanksgiving break deadlines are on April 15; for Winter int...