How to Make a Good First Impression with Professors and Get to Know Them Well

Have you ever heard “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”? If yes, that quote is right. When you first meet people, their impression forms instantly based on the visual cues your face and body provide. They then go on to try to guess your age. The final cue to the impression you make on others is provided by your appearance and how attractive they judge you to be. You may be asking how does that apply to professors? How do I make a good first impression with profes...

Becoming a Mentor on Campus

Students taking group photo outdoors.
Ever wonder what its like to be a mentor? Or wonder how to become a mentor as a college student? There are many ways. A mentor is a person who can be trusted and usually gives advice to people. On campus I’m a part of Rambassdors, Orientation Leader and just became a Resident Assistant. All those positions plays a crucial role in the student life of Farmingdale. As a mentor Farmingdale State College has become a second family students to where all the resources and assistance are provided for...

The Advantages of Being a Liberal Arts Major

liberal arts
As a Freshmen, I decided to go in as undecided.  I was not sure what to major in and choosing a major is a big step towards your future. With choosing a major it will impact the rest of your life because your main goal is to go after a career that you will enjoy, rather than a job that’s not in your interest. I was then placed in the Liberal Arts department. When it comes to liberal arts there are advantages. You might be asking what is liberal arts? According to the FSC website, liberal art...