So, you've decided to (or are thinking about deciding to) enter the most hands-on, high-paced, stressful field you can choose. WELCOME! There are not many people with both the intelligence and the personality to be a health care provider, so I applaud you for recognizing that you are both of those things. I also admire the fact that we all have a desire to selflessly give our time and efforts to help those who need it most. There is no other field that provides this sense of satisfaction and I h...

Back to School

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Let's face it, when you're 18 and you find yourself on a brand new campus, college is scary! It was no different for me going back for my second bachelor's degree at 28. I left my previous profession and decided to go back for a second undergraduate degree in hopes of applying to a graduate program in the field of medicine. When deciding between potential schools, Farmingdale College was a no-brainer choice because of its smaller class sizes and lower tuition compared to neighboring institutions...