For Parents & Guardians- Why Choose Farmingdale?


It’s not easy to pick a school for your child. Just ask my dad, who went to every campus tour with a recorder and a list of pre-determined questions for the poor, unsuspecting tour guides. Where a high school student chooses to go to college will change their life forever, so this decision is not to be taken lightly.

While students often have an idea of what they are looking for in a school, they might overlook the types of things that most parents and guardians are concerned with, such as safety, nutrition, and available services. Well, this one is for you, parents and guardians! From a 30-year old perspective, here is a list of the reasons why I would want my child to attend Farmingdale State College!

Campus Police Presence

Did you know we have state police on campus? I’m not talking about the glorified security officers you find on other campuses. According to the college website, “University Police Officers have the authority and the full arrest powers of any other professional law enforcement agent.” They respond quickly to any call, as they are only located two hundred yards or less away from any building on campus!

BONUS: They offer self-defense training programs for interested parties, escort students to their car should they feel they would like one, and also take anonymous tips. After 3 years on campus, I can successfully say that I have never felt even the slightest bit unsafe at any given point! One time, I called them to let them know that a student had left their car lights on by accident when they left for class. Using the plate number, they contacted the student

university police station

to turn their lights off and avoid a dead battery!

Dorm Safety

In the main residence hall, known as Orchard, there is 24/7 required swipe card entry to keep out non-residents and visitors. An additional level of support is provided by a security services assistant who is present in the residence halls. A second residence hall, Dewey, is monitored through an electronically-controlled card swipe and is under surveillance by the University Police. Additionally, entry to each room in the dorms requires a key and RA’s are present to monitor the halls and call the appropriate individuals should any issues arise.

orchard hall

RAVE Alert

Have you ever pulled up to school, just to find out class is cancelled? Or have you ever pulled up to a building with everyone standing outside, looking confused? This does not happen at FSC thanks to RAVE Alert, a fast communication system that allows the school to contact students regarding any emergencies, including weather and building closures. As accidents are often inevitable, it’s nice to know that you will be updated within minutes of an event thanks to RAVE Alert. It has saved me more than one commute for a snow day that was decided on at the last minute!

RAVE alert

Blue Light Emergency Phones

Located all over campus, blue light emergency phones connect the caller directly to campus police. This has been useful in a number of events, including medical emergencies! Students never have to worry about having fast access to those who can help them most – the University Police.

police cars

 Library Rental Books

I don’t need to tell you about how expensive books are, right? Right. Books are expensive! Each semester I’ve managed to spend over $400 or so on various textbooks needed for class. Well, the Greenley Library is here to help. Each year the library buys a copy of books from most classes and has them for rent in the library. If you’re unsure that you will use a $350 book more than a handful of times, don’t fear! The library is here to help with that one.


Tutoring Center + Math/Writing Center

I worked for the tutoring center and I must say, it is one of the most undiscovered gems of FSC. Nearly every major and class has a representative tutor who sets aside hours each week to help students understand the content in their classes. As an added bonus, FSC also implemented NetTutor starting last year, which is a 24/7 online tutoring service that is FREE to students! (Yes, you read that right!). Tutoring services are gratis as well, as long as the student can make the hours offered by the tutors (appointments are not taken). BONUS: The tutoring center is EXPANDING! It is getting a relocation to the third floor of the library.

tutoring center

Health & Wellness Perks

FSC is home to a number of majors and collaborates with a number of local trade schools, which means many free services for students. Along with the obligatory free vaccines and basic medical care, students are Farmingdale can benefit from the following services:

  • Massage Therapy (FREE)
  • Teeth Cleaning (FREE)
  • Acupuncture (FREE)
  • Chiropractic Work (FREE)
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling (FREE)
  • Mental Health Counseling (FREE)
  • Teeth Whitening (Reduced Cost)
  • BONUS: The Health and Wellness Center also helps to coordinate many campus events, such as “finals stress relief week” that involves massages and therapy dog visits! They also work with campus recreation to bring yoga and other fitness classes to students.