My Summer Research Experience

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During the past year I’ve been doing research here at Farmingdale with Dr. Kerry Lutz, on the plant Brassica napus. I found out about this opportunity through my RAM program advisor and have been working twice a week in the labs here at Farmingdale. After doing this research with Dr. Lutz, her project that she has brought me onto has been also been worked on with Dr. Maliga at Rutgers University. We are constantly comparing our results and helping each other in order to make our research wor...

Managing work and school as a full-time College Student

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Being a full-time college student takes a lot of your time whether you are in class learning, out of class studying or getting involved in clubs or campus activities. School takes up most of the day and everyone knows not only are college students tired but they are “broke.” With student loans and just everyday expenses, it is very hard to have money or save money while in college but, it is not impossible. I always say that it is very important to work hard and save money but it is just as impo...

Succeeding as a Pre-med Bioscience Major

When I started at Farmingdale State college I was originally a Criminal Justice Major and it didn’t last very long. When taking my CRJ classes I got all great grades but I knew that this was not exactly what I wanted to do. I decided to change my major and go the med route and become a Bioscience major with a pre-med track. I knew that I didn’t want to be in law enforcement or become a lawyer. I wanted to help people and discover new things in medicine to make a difference in healthcare and soci...

Changing Majors

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Going into college, many young people are confused and are not ready to decide what they want to do for the future. I was one of those people. Coming into Farmingdale, I wanted to major in Criminal Justice and go into Forensics. Forensics was what really caught my interest and was a job I could definitely see myself doing. Now I am a Bioscience major in my sophomore year hoping go to med school one day. It is hard, but I learned to have faith in myself and go for my dreams. I always wanted to be...