Managing work and school as a full-time College Student

Being a full-time college student takes a lot of your time whether you are in class learning, out of class studying or getting involved in clubs or campus activities. School takes up most of the day and everyone knows not only are college students tired but they are “broke.” With student loans and just everyday expenses, it is very hard to have money or save money while in college but, it is not impossible. I always say that it is very important to work hard and save money but it is just as important to get an education so that one day you can get the career of your dreams and make money doing what you love. While you are in college you want to have money to spend on books and supplies or even just to have fun and go out with your friends so that is where part time jobs come into play.

When being in college it’s nice to have a job that pays well but also has a flexible schedule so you can schedule work around school. School should be the priority and then on the days you aren’t in school spend some of those days working. I also recommend taking one day of the week that you don’t have class and you don’t have work to either spend time studying or just that one day to relax and distress from school work and your job’s work. For example last semester I went to class Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so then I would work at my part-time job Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays and occasionally Sundays if they really needed me. Most of the time Sundays would be the day I could rest or do that last minute studying to prepare myself for the school week that’s about to begin on Mondays. It’s very important to have a clear and organized schedule so you can keep your priorities and all the things you have to do in track.

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Another important thing about working while in school is finding a job that will understand your school needs. It is great finding a job that gives you time to relax or even study. For example I worked a valet job part-time and after parking the guest’s cars in the beginning of my shift, I would need to wait a few hours while the event was happening and then once the event ended I would get people’s cars and get a nice tip. What was great about this was not just that I was making money but while the event was going on, I had hours to relax and study. I would bring my homework or even textbooks to read with me because in that down time it was as though I was being paid to study and do school work. I know that not many jobs are as accommodating with giving time for school work but it’s all about searching for that perfect job that can help you stabilize your finances while also being a full-time student.

I am a commuter student so I live on long Island and have my own car to drive myself from school to work but some people either don’t have forms of transportation or they even live on campus. For those living on campus or just have a way of getting to school, there’s many work opportunities at college campuses all around the nation that can provide you with work study programs or student assistants. As a Rambassador I also receive a paycheck as a student assistant for the work I do around the school. There are also other jobs around campus whether it’s working at the library, books and beans, bookstore or even an info desk. Finding jobs on campus is a great way of earning money while also in school, especially for those who live on campus and might not have the best form of transportation.

Working while in college is not impossible and having money is always great to have. It is always important to make school your priority and then work around it because in the long run, a degree will give you the big pay checks compared to your part time job you had during college. When finding jobs make sure they have flexible work hours to make an organized schedule and if you get a job that you are able to study and do school work during it which is just a bonus. Working is not impossible when being a full-time student, there’s many opportunities on or off campus out there for you!