The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

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If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, it is a program that allows people in the professional world to connect and network, that can lead to landing interviews for internships and careers. LinkedIn can be accessed through their website or through their app, and it is a free service! It is a very popular tool that many utilize. However, there are a lot of young people who don’t have an account or are not familiar with it. I created an account during my first year of college, to try and und...

Balancing Work and School

In my first year as a college student, I experienced difficulties with adjusting to my new and complex work and school schedule. College is a new chapter in one’s life, it brings more opportunities and challenges that can be exciting and stressful. Adding a job on top of that can be a heavy task to take on, but can teach a lot about balancing a schedule. I’ve had a part-time job since I was 15 and always handled it well with high school. However, once I became a full-time college student it ...

Perks of Using a Planner

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In high school, I didn’t value an agenda as much as I should’ve, like most of us in the past. However, I’ve found that using a planner is actually incredibly helpful and a great way to keep track of your work! I used a planner in the fall and it helped me survive my first semester in college. I truly believe that I would’ve been overwhelmed and missing several assignments if it weren’t for my planner. To test my own theory, I tried to go a week without touching my planner and it was quite...