Helpful Tips for Commuters

commuter student
While some students are residents of FSC living on campus, many of us are commuters, or students whose place of residence while attending college is not in a campus residence hall. I personally received several tickets at the beginning of my education, and often found that I was unable to find close and convenient parking. This guide will provide all the steps necessary to ensure that you are successful in commuting to FSC, and hopefully avoid the inconvenience of having to pay a parking tic...

Navigating FSC

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When I was a freshman at Farmingdale State College, I had myriad difficulties figuring out the school’s layout at first. It seemed extremely overwhelming to memorize every building I needed to be in throughout the week, on top of the many other things I was worried about when first arriving at college. However, with the help of numerous directories available throughout campus (and assistance from benevolent staff members), I quickly learned how to navigate the school with ease. By my soph...

Bring Your Water Bottle to FSC, Lower Your Carbon Footprint!

water bottle
Are you tired of always dishing out cash at a 7-11 for your next hydration fix? Tired of wastefully throwing a perfectly good H2O receptacle in the recycling bin? Then FSC has just the solution you’ve been looking for: brand new water fountains which include an automatic sensor for filling any kind of reusable bottle, or refilling one of your used disposable bottles! Some of the buildings which include these new fountains are Horton Hall, Thompson Hall, Laffin Hall and Gleeson Hall. With our...