Transferring to FSC? This Is What You Should Know

FSC entrance sign

Similar to many of the students who attend Farmingdale State College, I was a transfer student for the spring semester in 2018. After graduating from Suffolk County Community College during the fall semester of 2017, I wish there were things I knew about FSC before my first day. If you’re a transfer student or thinking about transferring this article may be for you!

Before my actual first day of school at FSC I had only been to the campus a handful of times. I walked through the campus only once, and attended an event held there as well. I didn’t know about the amazing opportunities this college has to offer. Had I known about these opportunities earlier, I probably would have become much more involved on campus.

One of the greatest things FSC offers are the resources available to help students succeed. The Greenley Library is my favorite place to relax after class with a cup of coffee from Books ‘n Beans. When I’m there I can get a head start on my homework and assignments for the week. I only discovered the library a month after I transferred.

During my first month I used to spend my breaks in my car or I found a convenient place to sit and scroll through social media to waste time. As a college student, spare time is golden! The Greenley Library is one of the best places to utilize spare time and catch up on assignments in a quiet atmosphere.

Having trouble finding a parking spot on campus? If you’re a transfer student and find parking challenging, here’s a really helpful tip. Park over by the greenhouse or in between Gleeson and Hale! There seems to be less traffic, and more availability in the morning hours. Parking by the greenhouse is a good suggestion if your first or last classes are by Whitman Hall or the School of Business! There’s a scenic path that allows you to instant access to the campus area. Plus, both of these suggestions are convenient and in the middle of most major areas on campus!

Did you oversleep and forget to bring something to snack on? As college students we are all guilty of this at some point or another. Books ‘n Beans located in Greenley Library not only sells coffee, but they sell so many more items! You can purchase water bottles, prepackaged meals, chips, soda, and a variety of packaged snacks as well as gum and candy (for that afternoon pick-me-up).

If you’re like me and stay on campus for eight hours a day, then maybe you’re looking for a place to eat for lunch. We as students are fortunate enough to have a pizzeria and a bagel store within walking distance of Lupton and the Nold Hall athletic building. Right across the street is Talucci’s Pizzeria and Stuff-a-Bagel. You’ll be able to cross Melville Road safely and you won’t lose your parking spot that you found easily before your eight o’clock class. It’s a win-win situation!

I’m lucky enough to teach my younger sister all of these tips and tricks during her first year at FSC. I’m looking forward to introducing her to the Nexus Center. The Nexus Center is located right outside Greenley Library, as if you are heading out the door that leads your straight to Lupton. At the Nexus Center you are able to work one-on-one with a faculty member who can help you build your resume, aid in career and internship searches, and also give strong advice on interview techniques.

If you’re someone who has a variety of work history, a resume tends to become unorganized or unstructured. The Nexus Center was able to help me organize my work and school history, skills and awards all on one page! It made my life so much easier when I started to experience the interview stages with different companies.

It’s a bitter-sweet feeling to experience the interview stages and wrap up my time spent at FSC. As a transfer student, I will only spend two years here. Though I wish my time spent was longer, it gave me everything I could ever want. These snippets of advice, tips, and tricks were something I wish someone had told me before I came to the campus on my first day. Discovering new things that FSC has to offer is really special. It definitely made me feel more connected to the college. Hopefully they can help you become more familiar with our school and campus life.