Why Choose Commuting?

ThrouFarmingdale State College logo.ghout high school, everyone looks forward to going to college. It’s the excitement of getting away from home and being on your own for the first time. You can be independent and make your own choices. As the time gets closer, it becomes harder to choose. Am I making the right decision? What if I choose the wrong school? What if I am in the wrong major? What if I don’t make friends? Am I making the right choices for myself? You begin to second guess yourself with anything and everything. Going away is a scary thought, so having a school so close to home is extremely ideal even though some people may consider it a “back up” school. Farmingdale State College was my first choice, and I am so glad that it was.

Being able to live at home while still going to school full time is extremely ideal. It is the best of both worlds. You don’t have to dorm with strangers (which was one of my biggest fears), share showers with a bunch of people you barely know, or eat the same foods every day. You still have the luxury of home cooked meals and the comfort of your own bed- and honestly what is better than that? Yet you are still going to school and doing what you need in order to be successful, and you are saving (or saving your parents) thousands of dollars.

Being a commuter you can still do all the things you love and you are not being forced to be at school all the time, although if you wanted to there is always a place to hangout. The library and Campus Center is always filled with people. Whether you are studying or just want to hang out and grab food, there is always a place for it. Every morning before class I am still able to make my Dunkin Donuts runs and if it was a rough day, bagels after an 8 A.M. class make everything better.

Another plus of commuting is you can still work. We have all heard so many stories of broke, college kids. Still being able to work eliminates that problem. You can still do all those fun things you did before without having to worry about running out of money and calling your parents to transfer anything into your bank account.Image of green student parking pass.

When all of your friends are going away to college it gets hard to keep in touch with everyone. You really only keep in touch with those you are closest with. Being at home and commuting to school, everyone wants to visit you when they are home. Every school has different breaks and different schedules so it is also a nice way to have one-on-one catch up time with old friends when they are home.

If you are not a fan of the idea of going away to school, commuting is definitely something you should consider. You still get the college experience, just without going away.