Succeeding as a Pre-med Bioscience Major

When I started at Farmingdale State college I was originally a Criminal Justice Major and it didn’t last very long. When taking my CRJ classes I got all great grades but I knew that this was not exactly what I wanted to do. I decided to change my major and go the med route and become a Bioscience major with a pre-med track. I knew that I didn’t want to be in law enforcement or become a lawyer. I wanted to help people and discover new things in medicine to make a difference in healthcare and soci...

Changing Majors

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Going into college, many young people are confused and are not ready to decide what they want to do for the future. I was one of those people. Coming into Farmingdale, I wanted to major in Criminal Justice and go into Forensics. Forensics was what really caught my interest and was a job I could definitely see myself doing. Now I am a Bioscience major in my sophomore year hoping go to med school one day. It is hard, but I learned to have faith in myself and go for my dreams. I always wanted to be...