From Habit to Behavior

What to do when it seems like time is running out? Is that essay you were putting off finally due tomorrow? Is that application that is finally due, now hours away from the deadline? It is easy to forget things or put things off due to procrastination. Procrastination is something we all deal with no matter the age. It is that “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I still have time” vibe. When in reality it’s not case. Although some say   procrastination is a good trait, it is not. Procrastination ha...

Nap to the Rescue!

Napping has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. If you have younger sibling, preferably in the toddle stages, you know exactly what I am talking about. Our brothers or sisters have been put down to rest to give mommy a much-needed break. But who is to say that this is the only reason why? First things first, taking a nap doesn’t have to be 3 hours long!!! It can be a powernap of 15-20 minutes. Just the simple fact closing your eyes and drifting away is benefic...

Be the Boss of Time

“That’s due today????!!!!!!!!” said every college student at some point in their academic career. Come one lets admit it, life as an adult is harder than we thought. Mom and Dad made it seem so easy but we didn’t pay attention to the details of it all. I realized now that mom and dad had times set up for what they were going to do. Paying the mortgage/rent, car/ insurance and other things were carefully planned out, if not total chaos came about. Everything ran smoothly because they managed ...