Why You Should Consider a Career in Health Care

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How would you like to be highly respected, knowledgeable, and a leader in your community? How would you like to make noticeable impacts in the lives of people such as friends, family, and even strangers?  And how about getting great compensation while doing what you love?

Health Care today is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The population is changing and people are getting older all the time.  With all the new technology and changes in society, there is an increased need for people to work in all types of health care fields.  This is not just Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners.  There is such a wide range of occupations out there that you have the freedom to pick and choose what makes you happy.  There are careers such as Respiratory Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, and Art/Music Therapy, to name a few.  We are barely even scratching the surface with the amount of options, but the point is to know what you love and then find a way to make it into a career.

We even have health professions here at Farmingdale.  Our School of Health Sciences consists of Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, and Dental Hygiene.  These are licensed health professions, and these programs offer you bachelor’s degrees so that you are prepared and competent to enter the work force.  Another popular option that people choose is to start their college career as Liberal Arts students, and then major in Science, Technology and Society or Bioscience.  This gives you flexibility if you choose to pursue additional education in a specific field.  I have met many people here at Farmingdale who have graduated STS and entered Medical School, PA School, or Accelerated Nursing programs.  The choice is yours.

I decided to become a nurse when I was a senior in high school, and I have never looked back.  I am very happy with my decision and I am really excited to see what the future holds.  Nursing is one of those professions where there will always be a high demand, you can pick and choose your schedule and specialty, and you can even travel all around the country doing what you love.  Even though it is hard work there is a lot of flexibility and freedom.  Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers that you can attain with only a bachelor’s degree.  I am not even a nurse yet, but in college throughout clinicals, and working as a nursing assistant, I already have cared for countless people, and have created skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

Everybody has a choice in life.  What do you want to do?  Maybe you are not a hands-on kind of person.  If patient care doesn’t interest you, there are still so many ways you can make a difference.  You can get involved with administration, the business side of health care, or technology.  The options really are limitless.  Did I mention that salaries in health care are some of the best that you will find?  Many of these career fields have the potential to offer you upwards of six figures (>$100,000).  This depends on your location, training, and company, but believe that you can achieve that level of success if you set your mind to it.  If you want to live comfortably, and feel fulfilled with your line of work, then look no further.  The highest-paying salaries usually go to specialized physicians, but you can still find some great compensation if you decide to become a pharmacist, a veterinarian, or a physical therapist, for example.

The bottom line is that the world is changing and people seek health care for all different types of reasons.  We need a diverse workforce that is going to lead the change, and make our entire population as a whole as happy and healthy as possible.  That is why we need passionate, skilled people like you.  How are you going to make a difference?  What impact are you going to have on the lives of people?  What is your motivation?  It doesn’t matter what you decide to do as long as you are happy doing it.  No matter what you do, follow your heart.  However, I hope that at least now you will consider doing your own research, weighing the pros and cons, and deciding if a career in health care is right for you.  Wishing you the best of luck and great success no matter where you end up!