Greenly Library and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Greenley library

Here at Farmingdale State College we offer many utilities to help you succeed during your college career. Our campus offers a variety of study areas and lounges where you can meet new students. One of the best places to socialize while also doing school work is Farmingdale State College’s Greeley Library. There are many activities to take advantage of when going to Greenly Library. In this blog post I will be discussing how you can use Greenly Library to your own personal gain.

Greenley Library is located at the heart of our campus – you can’t miss it. When you enter the library you will come across two doors, one on your left and one on your right. The door on the left when you enter through the Whitman side is a place called Books ‘n Beans Cafe . Books ‘n Beans is a great place to hang out if you need a quick study break. They offer a wide variety of snacks and beverages suited for anyone who may enjoy healthy snacks or not-so-healthy snacks. The Books ‘n Beans Cafe also has Apple Mac computers, which allow you to do your work efficiently. There are many places to sit, and whether you are working on your school work or just hanging out with some new friends, this is a perfect in-between place.

On the other side of Books ‘n Beans you have Greenly Library. When you walk in you have two circulation desks on each side of you. On the first floor of the library you will notice that there are many computers lined up for you to use as you please. There are many places to sit to do your work, while also socializing with students you may know. On the second floor of the library, you will find many useful places to help improve your school work. The second floor is a good spot if you need to do a group project with your classmates, while also having the option to enhance your research techniques. The Library provides printed, digital and audio material for assignments, reference, research, and independent study to help those who may have a disability.

One of the places on the second floor of the library that can help improve your school and academic work is the Writing Center. The Writing Center is a place that helps support students in their writing skills, while also making sure you have a basic understanding of your writing assignment. The Writing Center is run by professionals who have long been in the writing field. The professionals help with writing through any curriculum. It does not have to be only English writing. This is a great place to utilize because if you are stuck on an assignment, you have people ready to help you until you understand it. The Writing Center helps in all aspects of writing, such as overcoming writer’s block, pre-writing, organizing and structuring ideas, revising, editing and proofreading, grammar and punctuation, documentation, and research techniques. Located right across from the Writing Center is the Quiet Room. The Quiet Room is the perfect place for a student to do school work in a quiet setting. There is absolutely no noise and no talking, so you are guaranteed to get the most out of the room.

Another great place to help with your college school work is the Tutoring Center. The Tutoring Center allows you to receive tutoring for any subject you are taking, and it is also a walk-in service that will allow you to see a tutor that is well versed in the subject you may need help with. The best part about the Tutoring Center is that it is all for free! No payment is required at all! The tutors consist of 15-20 student tutors and 8-10 professional tutors each semester. There is a schedule update during each semester. If you choose to take advantage of the Tutoring Center, then you must keep up with that schedule, as it is updated each semester. This a great tool for anyone struggling with any subject. Everyone at FSC wants to help you succeed during your college career.

The final place that is great to know about in the library is the AAIC office, also known as the Academic Advisement Center. At the AAIC, there is the opportunity for you to get advice from one of the counselors. This is a place that may seem familiar for an incoming freshman, because this the first place you go to start choosing your classes and to get acquainted with the college system.

As you can see, Greenley Library is a perfect place for any type of student. It is a focal point of our campus. Students spend much of their time there and try to make the most of it. Be sure to stop at the Greenly Library while you are campus!