Benefits of Getting an Internship

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As everyone knows, experience is what matters when it comes to finding a job after college. Unfortunately, the experience that you have is more important in most cases than having a bachelors degree because real life experience is key. Farmingdale State College allows many opportunities in all degree programs for students to get real life experience through internships through the school either paid or for credit. Personally, I have done one internship through the school, I was the first stud...

Picking a Minor Unrelated to Your Major

Since starting college, I have always found deciding on a major to be a challenge. It is a choice that shapes the rest of your life and alters your daily routine until the day you retire. It is understandable that doing the same exact thing every day may not be fun for everyone. Picking a minor that is unrelated to your major can change this and make your life after graduation interesting. Before college, I decided that I wanted to be in Computer Engineering. However, after getting into c...